Help Im 17 And Pregnant

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Maddie - September 17

im 17 and from brisbane, australia. i found out three days ago that i am 3 months pregnant.I dont know what to do. i am at an exclusive all girls school and my parents would die if they ever found out. They are always complaining how expensive it is for me to have a good education and now i wont be able to go on and finish school.And thats not the main problem- my parents ill be devisated because theyhave planned for me to get into medicine next year and i know they would never speak to me again if they found out because they worked so hard to save enough to get me to the best school and save for me to go to the best university.and its even worse in my country, because the majrity of single mother without a university degree are marginalised and stereotyped within australia society, and a huge stigma is placed on women who falll pregnant between ages 13 and 19. Help !


gertrude - September 17

well, all austrlians are cool in my books. u guys were loyl thru the iraq thingy and every ova war in like history. its bad what happened to u but it coud be worse..


tim - September 17

that is sooo treu good luck pregnant teen down under


Viv - September 17

Maddie, your parents are going to find out. It would be better if they found out from you rather than the school nurse or principal. Is this a day school or a boarding school? Somehow you have to get some one on one time with your mum. Go up to her when she is standing up, put your arms around her, say "I need a hug. I'm having a bad day" then she will give you a chance to tell her. You are her flesh and blood, and your baby will be too. You will be surpised how quickly she will get over the shock.... [email protected]


Daile - September 18

Maddie, just because you are pregnant doesn't mean you can't finish school. You're what, a junior or senior. That's just one more year! My sister got pregnant at 15 and had the baby and kept him, and even tho she had to drop out for a semester she managed to graduate with her cla__s. Yeah, it'll take a lot of work, but you'll be able to do it. Also, your parents may be upset at first, but trust me, they will get over it. You're their daughter, and they love you. They may not be happy, but they will never stop loving you, or their grandbaby.


Viv - September 19

Maddie, if you want to mail me, [email protected] ... I know a little about the exclusive school and upwardly mobile piece.


Shorty - September 19

Maddie, chin up girly, I am a born and Bread Melbournian and I am so sorry bout what you are going thru. Is the guy around?? Look I dont know what its like up in Brissy, but down here I have a few people I know who are single mums.. young and old, and like I said before...shame and stereotypical att_tudes only stick to you if you let them. The thing is you talk about what plans your folks have for your life... um.. I dont hear you saying anything about what you want to do with your life!?!?!? And there are options for you, and your situation. Chin up girly, they have to realise this is your life and no matter what it is your choice. Whatever you do, please be sure it is the right thinkg for you.. and always remember that you need to put yourself first in this... it does not matter what everyone else thinks..


Friend - September 21

I understand how you are feeling. My partners 17 year old daughter just told us yesterday she was pregnant. We were very upset but we were glad that she told us. She too is about 3 months pregnant. You have some options, if you are open to abortion that can be down up to 16 weeks. However, there is always the thought of having the child and putting it up for adoption. I was adopted and I think that would be a good idea as well. I don't have the right answers for you, I do know that it must be very hard for you, but my thoughts are, tell your parents, they may be able to help and provide support and suggestions. Good luck, I know it is not an easy thing you are going through.



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