Help Am I Pregnant

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Sally - September 6

Im 15 and i had unprotected s_x on the 23rd of june i was men to start my period on the 27th its now the 7th and i still havent started. I have been extremely tired for the past week i have had a red/brown discharge but not enough to be my period its only very light. I have sore nipples and i have little white lumps and i squezed one and it came out with a little hardish white stuff? Im so scared because the lad i slept with my aunty is in love with him if i am what do i do? Plz send me so imformation :) Sally x


SaRaH - July 7

Not to sound rude, but what are u doing having s_x @ 15?? That is just crazy!!!!!!! I think that u should tell one of ur parents and have them take u to a clinic and get u tested! If u are not pregnant and want to sleep around u need to get on some kind of birth control and the "pull out" method is NOT one of them!!


Katie - July 18

u guys are so stupid. ppl are gonna do what they want. and that includes s_x, if they didnt listen to there parents when they preeched about it, what would make you think that they'd listen to some random person online?


rich - July 19

you should maybe do the right thing...meaning tell your aunt, get tested, and hope for the best. You sound mighty pregnant though....sorry. I wish i could do something


Cathy - July 19

You might be pregnant. Any time you have unprotected s_x, you could get pregnant. If there is a Planned Parenthood or other low cost clinic (look in the phone book under pregnancy) in your area, go there as soon as possible. If you are not pregnant and are going to continue to have s_x, they will help you get affordable birth control. If you are pregnant, they will tell you about your options. I know are are afraid, but you can get through this!


jess - July 20

hey first of all, SaRaH i think that you should shut your mouth. that was so rude of you. but yes you could be pregnant i would take a home test, or you can even look in the phone book for a clinic i know by me there are a few. thise are real signs of pregnancy and the blleding you had could be implantation bleeding. so i would go to the dr soon


SaRaH - July 20

Jess u can kiss my a**!! I think that I am ent_tled to an opinion and I gave it!! SO tend to ur own d__n business and give ur opinion and move on!! THANKS!!


SaRaH - July 27

Heather u can kiss my A$# too!! I dont recall talking to you!! Get u some business to tend to and stay out of mine!!!


Anon - July 27

I'm sorry I agree with SaRah at 15 you should be thinking about something else other than s_x. Apparently SaRaH is alot smarter, since she knows that 15 YEAR OLDS should NOT be having s_x!


cait - July 28

ok, first, you people should not criticize sally here for having s_x at a young age. there is no "right" age to lose your virginity, and that age is different for every person. i am 15 and just recently lost my virginity as well. :) second, sally it sounds like you may be pregnant. tiredness and sore b___sts are common symtoms, and the light bleeding you had sounds like implantation bleeding, which occurs when the fertilized egg attaches to the wall of your uterus. however, you may just be late on your period from stress or other factors. it sounds like you were towards the end of your cycle when you had s_x, so you may not have been fertile at the time, meaning you couldnt get pregnant. this could go either way, i recommend getting a pregnancy test to be sure. good luck!


charmain - August 3

hi, sally i'm sorry to say , but it does sound like you're pregnant. To be certain you should take a pregnancy test or visit your doctor. And don't worry about your aunt, if and when she finds out you will all have to sit and discuss this rationally. your aunt will have to come to terms with this, and the guy will need to take resposibility for his actions. good luck.


??? - August 3

SaRAh weren't you a teen mom too? There is much difference between 17 and 15.


SaRaH - August 3

The difference is I had a child for my boyfriend NOT my aunts lover or whatever and I was financially stable and also I was having protected s_x!!!!!!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????


Doug - August 3

Sarah, What kind of protection were you useing that failed? and why do you think it failed? It would be helpful to other teens to know there is always a chance of pregnancey when ever you have ANY s_x.


Meghan - August 10

Sally, hey!! yeah.. it sounds like ur pregnant, but i'm kind of scared myself.. i had s_x about a week ago and ive been using the bathroom a lot!! i've read some things on the internet about being pregnant and it says "frequent urination" i'm only 14 and im scared TO death!! but i think you should go get a home pregnancy test just to be sure!! good luck!! :-) *~*MeGHaN!!*~*


J - August 10

I'm sorry, but SaRaH is one of the ONLY sensible posters here. STOP GIVING HER A HARD TIME!!!!! Children under 16 SHOULD NOT BE HAVING UNPROTECTED s_x!!!!!


Jaden - August 15

Hi.It sounds to me like your are pregnant.I think sarah should shut up its a free country you can do whatever you want.



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