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shookie - July 28

im 14 and my boyfriend and i have un-protected s_x on the 2nd day of my period and c_m went into me, after we had s_x my period went on heavily for 8 more days (my normal period is 6-7, but im also irregular) 1. would my period have continued if an egg was fertilized? 2. i think im just thinking that im pregnant and im veyr very scared, what do i do? 3. i have taken 3 pregnancy tests over the corse of 20 days after my period and they have all came back negitive and they tests right or is it too early to tell?


Shari - July 25

Sweet, you really need to calm yourself down.First of all, you can still have your period when you are pregnant, and it is very rare. Pregnancy tests are usually pretty accurate if used correctly. You have not missed a period yet or gotten any symptoms, so there is nothing to worry about as yet. Darls, you are only 14, do you really think that growing up this fast and having s_x is really the way to go?? I don't mean to sound like an old mum or anything, but if you do decide to keep having s_x, you really need to get some protection against unwanted pregnancy and stds, as that is the responsibility that comes with having s_x. I would wait and see what your next period is like, chances are you are fine, i once had s_x with my b/f the 1st day of my period and I was fine, but please please be careful next time k, your too young to be worrying bout having a kid..oxox


cait - July 28

hi! no, it is unlikely that you are pregnant. 1. your period would have still continued regardless of whether or not fertilization ocurred, because it would have occured in the fallopian tubes and not have affected your period. 2. try to calm yourself down, youre probably fine. 3. if the tests came back negative, they are probably right. 20 days is an ample amount of time to wait until testing. youre not pregnant, but in the future be more careful. always use protection! :)



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