Help Crazy Pool Story With My Girl Friend I Need Answers

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tylrt - June 25

I was in my pool last night and i went into my girl friend and i pre c_mmed and i am pretty sure that i pulled out befor i pre c_mmed in her but i am not 100% sure i want to know if the affect of the pool chemicals would kill the sperm or not? someone please can you help me!?


alisha - June 26

it possible for someone to get pregnant in a pool. but I don't know the precentage of it.


breana - June 27

It would kill the sperm outside of her body, but the stuff inside would be protected. You need to know more about what part of her cycle she's in. You'll only need to worry if she was around ovulation.


P.S. - June 27

You shouldn't be having s_x in water because it can harm your girlfriend "inside" by water being forced in.


Brittany - June 27

It's fun to experiment with s_x in a pool...I've done it before. BUT in the long run, it could/can be harmful. Sperm can live in the body for a few days but not outside especially with pool chemicals.


Ashley - June 28

TYLRT- First off- yes you can get pregnant in a pool. But only if you were inside your girlfriend. You said you thought you pulled out but werent sure, therefore I am a__suming you might have pre-c_mmed in her. Therefore, there is a chance if you came in her at all she can get pregnant. The pool chemicals would not effect this if you were inside her at the time. The reason for this is because numerous studies have indicated that when a woman is in water, her v____a closes and tightens. Water never goes up her v____a, therefore the chemicals in the water would not be in her v____a... only in the pool. So if you came dirrectly in her v____a, even a little, the chemicals in the pool would not kill it. If you were outside her when you came you would have nothing to worry about as the chemicals would have killed your sperm. Hope thats not too confusing. good luck


Miz - June 28

tylrt, I'm not sure if you meant to say it like this, but you said, you are pretty sure you pulled out before you "prec_mmed" in her.... I'm NOT trying to put you down or be mean, but, do you know what pre-c_m is? That is what comes out before you actually c_m and you would have no way of telling when the pre-c_m actually comes out of your p___s. So, if you had s_x at all, then sperm probably got in her. You probably don't have anything to worry about though.


Miz - June 28

I mean, if you had s_x with her at all WITHOUT protection (like a condom) - which you didn't, then sperm probably got into her.


Smarter - June 28

Ever hear of a condom?


Shana - August 12

Hey! well my fiance and I had s_x in a pool Canada Day weekend, no protection except for the pill and I am two months pregnant. Nothing is ever 100% safe.



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