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lil-miss-saunders - January 19

Hi everyone! This isnt about me this is about my friend and you are all great at giving advice so i thought i would come to you! My friend is pregnant and only has 9 weeks of pregnancy left, recently she has started to experience alot of pain in her hips, belly, back and other areas! I thought this could just be due to her getting bigger! She says she has lost fluid every now and then through out her pregnancy and constantly has the urge to push down! She says the pain in her belly can get really quite bad sometimes and the first thing that came to my mind was braxton hicks! She doesnt really seem that concerned about it but she tells me when she feels bad all the time! I seem to be more worried about it than her! I was wondering if you guys had any idea of what was going on? thanx x


hailey07 - January 19

I would say that those sound like normal pregnancy issues for a 3rd trimester. The lose of fluid is a bit alarming though, does her dr. know about that? I would suggest for her to see her dr., they know a lot more than we do about whats normal and abnormal. best of luck to your friend


babygirlk - January 19

i have 5 weeks left and have pain in my hips and back it is due to her getting bigger and fluid loss is normal during pregnancy when her belly hurts it probably is the braxton hicks thats what is was for me but just to be safe get her to go to the doctor if it is really that bad


tyler0323 - January 19

the pains are normal, i too am wondering about the fluid leak and also the need to bare down (push). She should speak with her doctor and make sure she isnt loosing her water sack yet, or dialating. Your a good friend to be concerned.


rl- - January 19

braxton hicks are painless it is just a tightening of the muscles and they should not hurt...loss of fluid I would say is not normal unless your water has broken she really needs to talk to her doctor about these issues some things can be very serious better to be safe than sorry really!!


lil-miss-saunders - January 22

Hi guys ive heard news that my friend has been to see her midwife and she checked to see if she was dialating ... i havent heard much from her since so im a__suming everythings ok! ill keep you posted!



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