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Samantha - February 11

I'm real scared. I just turned 14 and I think I'm pregnant. At my birthday party I had a bunch of my friends over. Well lets just say that there was drinking. I know its wrong but my parents don't really care about drinking. Well I started talking to a guy that is in his 30's. Well you see he asked me if I wanted to go out side and I went with him. He dragged me in his car and raped me. Know I'm 2 months late and scared to death. He said that he would come back and kill me if I told anybody what he did. What should I do? Nobody knows what went on. Please help


Cheryl - February 11

Samantha email me [email protected]


Hi - February 11

OK Baby, Your story is just awful and no offence but it sounds to me like your parents don't pay much attention to you, I think you need to actually find out if you are pregnant or not. Have you taken any tests? There are clinics you can visit Honey you don't need your parents with you, not being demeaning or anything but what was a thirty year old guy doing at a teenagers birthday party anyway. I really want to help you however I do not live in USA do you???


to samantha - February 11

girl u need to tell your parents..even if the guy threatened u , he can get sent to jail to someone, because if you are pregnant, u need to find out asap..this is no joke...if u cant talk to your parents go to planned parenthood...or even talk with your school counsler...they will definatily help u..


Hi - February 11

Samantha, Cheryl who just gave you her e-mail is desperately advertising on a teenage pregnancy forum for an adoption, honey you may not even be pregnant, do not I repeat DO NOT have any contact with this women. You have help here don't worry.


cheryl - February 11

RE: HI, you do not know me so don't attack my character like I am some kind of criminal. BY the way did anyone hear about the newborn baby boy who was tossed out of a car this morning and is now in the hospital. If someone had been there to adopt the baby maybe that would not have happened.


Julia - February 11

Sweety you need to tell your need to go to police about rape....they will protect you.I use to be a police officer and I know that hate rapist. You need to go to the doctor and get checked for PG and for any diseases he may have given you. Sweety it will be okay........but you have to speak out before he hurts someone else........prayin for u !!!


Samantha - February 23

sorry I have not posted lately. I went to the health department and took a test. It came back positive. I told my parents and they kicked me out. I am now staying with my grandparents.


Julia - February 23 me [email protected]


Audrey - February 23

Your parents should not have kicked you out because of what happened. If they won't help their own daughter after she got raped, they don't deserve to be parents. If you know who that guy was that attacked you, report it to the police. Best of luck!


jade - April 15

samantha e-mail me it is [email protected]


Jenna - April 15

why on earth was there a 30 year old man at your party? Sounds like you need more supervision.


kara - April 15

to cheryl.... If you are really interested in adopting a baby, i might be able to help you. i am 17 years old and 8 1/2 months pregnant. i will be putting him up for adoption as soon as he is born. if you are interested let me know.


kathi - April 15

That's terrible. Don't invite 30 year people at your party unless he's really your trusted friend. Well the best you can do is tell your parents and let your parents tell the authority so this dirty old man will be arrested. I really hope you are not pregnant. Don't lose hope and pray. Goodluck


To: Samantha - April 15

Why did your parents kick you out? For one, your under 18, they can get in trouble for kicking you out. 2 That guy who raped you will be put in jail for raping, and impregnanting a minor. 3 How far along are you?


Tiara - May 17

well tell your mom and dad and if your still worried i'll keepthe baby for you untill you fell better about this hole thing you can come and see your baby any time you want and take him/her when tour ready hpoe that helps


maya - May 17

is ur last name lopez?



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