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no name - June 13

My boyfriend and I had s_x like a day after my period and he went like multiple times two days later it happened again and he went more than the time before we had s_x like three days later and again he went. No protection or birth control how likely am I pregnant Thank you for the advice


Audrey - June 13

No name- The third time occurred six days after the end of your period which would have been smack in the middle of your prime fertile time. The fertile zone is days 9-16 of your cycle, counting day 1 as the 1st day of your period. Unprotected s_x during this time has a 1 in 4 chance (25%) or higher of causing pregnancy. Tell your boyfriend to use condoms every time, and if you miss your next period you should use a home pregnancy test.


Myranda - June 13

Hi really sort of embarra__sed to say this but i'm almost sure im pregnant...i'm only 15 and didn't want this to happen i accidentally skipped on one of my birth control pills and thought i might have gotten pregnant so ive missed all the others boyfriend and I have been inseperatable over the summer and weve had s_x almost every day if not every really scared and angry with period isn't supposed to come for another week or so... I haven't even told my boyfriend yet...we aren't doing so well in our relationship and i think things are comming to an end...i dont know what to do anymore or where to look for answers...does anyone have any advice for me?


Audrey - June 13

Myranda- If you miss pills the instructions tell you to use a condom as backup. Since you have not been taking your pills for a while and having s_x unprotected, chances are that you might be pregnant. It might be a good idea to talk to your bf about it. Remind him how close you have been and ask what he would do if you were to become pregnant. His reaction will tell you whether your relationship is worth pursuing or not. If your next period does not come on schedule, get a home pregnancy test and follow the directions. Good luck!



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