Help I Need Some Advice My Boyfriend Has Been Cheating

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Xloopy_lou_0791X - January 30

i got discharged from hospital today, i was admitted on friday with high blood pressure and i went to bed because i was starting feel really tired again and just as i was falling asleep the phone rang he must have accidently hit the redial button because i could him and her my so called mate at it i hung up packed my bags and went home to my mums. but i just dont know what to do last time we had a row about 2 weeks ago i threatened to leave him and he said that if i went he would get custody of the baby i really need some advice........... by thhe way the baby is ok after the high blood pressure thing i had my first scan today i will post the link to my site so you can check them out xxxxx love louisa (12 weeks 1 day)


Xloopy_lou_0791X - January 30

* 12 week 0 day i dont have a clue y i put 1 day


ChattyKathy - January 30

Courts would have to find a reason for you to be an unfit mother before they would give custody to him. They like to keep babies with the mothers.


maren - January 31

to be honest i didnt under stand half of what you wrote but your upset so thats ok he can threaten all he wants but he is the one that has to prove you unfit plus custody of the child means having the right to make legal and medical decisions for a child so in that sense yes he has right to custody as do you (jointly) but placement is a whole different issue that right there is what you want to fight for he has the right to make decisions for the child as well as see the child i think its wrong to keep a child from there father unless the father is completely unfit know what i mean. I dont think you should but up with his c___p i mean hello it doesnt help your blood prea__sure stay low!


lunamoo - January 31

i am totally confused. so you were in the hospital and apparently your mobile phone rang because while your bf was at home in your bed humping your mate his a__s must have hit redial and you heard them getting hot and heavy...?


babii_boo91 - January 31

wow hunn iunno what to say do you think he would get custody over you?


roxy14j - February 3

Leave him because if he isnt there for you while you are carrying his child then he definetly isnt going to be there when the baby is born and no man who cheats deserves a second chance cause once a cheater always a cheater I have learnt from experience. If you go to the police and get a AVO on him then he isnt allowed near you and if he tries for custody they would have to have some serious stuff on you to hand the bub over to him because they like to keep mother and baby together.


Jessika2007 - February 5

first of all he's a pieace of sh**for cheating on you you and your baby deserve better! you should really think about the kind of life you want for yourself and your baby, and forget about him cause you don't need him you can do fine all by yourself and besides you don't need a man in your life you will find love ok just take one day at a time....



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