Help I Think I Might Be Pregnant

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just another teen - March 31

hi im about to turn 17 and i think i might be pregnant. i had PROTECTED s_x on the 9th but the condom busted and we didn't even know it until it was too late and we were finished. well i should have gotten my period on the 27th but i never came then yesterday i had very light brownish spotting, but today its kind of looks like a light pinkish redish period which ive never had i usually flow very heavy with cramps. what do you think it could be? any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Amy - March 31

You could be I mean it is possible. Take a pregnancy test just to be sure.


just another teen - March 31

anybody else that can help me with this?


just another teen - March 31

anybody at all?


bean - March 31

Listen to Amy - take a test. I recommend First Response.


maya - March 31

i think u r. to be real sure go to the doctors. if not that an ept test. the doctors would be best.


just another teen - March 31

thank you so much you all have helped me im kind of confused if i was pregnant i wouldn't be getting a really light period would i? its just weird cause im always a heavy flow? i dunno i guess only time and a test can tell


just another teen - March 31

hello anybody there?


Diamond - March 31

Yes i think you are pregnant, that is how i found out, my regular period that is usuallly 6 days heavy was 2 days of spotting and i went and took a test and it was positve. im 19 and going to have my first child, think about your next steps.


Grandpa Viv - March 31

You would have ovulated the 13th, 14 days before your period. Sperm can last 5 days, so an accident on the 9th would have carried it to ovulation. Your pink and brown spotting answers to frequent descriptions of implantation. This may well be followed by early signs (check the AM I Pregnant link to the left). Try a Frist Response Early Result test April 9th, and again the 16th if the first is negative. Even if you are pregnant, there is still a 1 in 4 chance that it will not stick, but don't hang your hat on that. [email protected]


Ami - March 31

I would wait a couple more days and then use a pregnancy test... I used when just when I missed my period... and it was negative... then 2 weeks later it was bright red.... The best bet though is to get the blood test if you can.


tracy - June 20

it may just be a little messed up but then come back to normal and if it dont by next month go to the doctors


Kimberly - June 20

i think u should take a pregnancy test.



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