Help I Think Im Pregnant At 15

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Emillie - October 28

Hi, I am 15 years old and I recently has s_x with my boyfriend of 7 months. He is so great to me and I know that he truley loves me. I told him when I found out, but we just dont know how to tell our parents. Any tips? I know my mom wont be too happy with me, but she loves my boyfriend almost as much as I do, and i hope that she will understand my actions. Thanks!


Viv - October 28

You think or you know? Have you had a positive test? You have my sympathy, both of you. You sound like good people. I am kind of wondering what advice your mom gave you as she started to see you getting more closely involved with this lad. It will help if you can get some other adult into the loop to help break the news. A favorite aunt or older sibling, who does not have as much of a stake in your pregnancy. That adult can help you work out a game plan and even be there when you break the news. Since your mom really likes this boy, he should be there, too, and may even be the one to do the talking.


unknown - November 1

you little s___t


Jennie.P - November 1

Unknown, get a life, get off this website. Apparently you have nothing better to do with your time, you poor person. Emillie, your parents will get over it, they're your parents, they love you unconditionally so whatever YOU choose to do, I'm sure they'll support you. Just think wisely about it!!


annonomous - November 8

im in the same post_tion as u, i think im pregnant but i dnt want to tell my b/f coz i know he will go mental because he has so many hopes and dreams, and sittin @ home with a baby isnt 1 of those dreams, i have no idea how to tell him, and i really dont want to tell my mum bacause i have had 1 pregnany scare already! n e advice????


ko - November 9

it depends if your mother is strict or not. you have to come at her a certain way.she will understand. it may take her a while to understand but eventually she'll come around.


GG - November 16

I am a parent of a 15 yo daughter who has just told me last night that she may be pregnant. I know as a parent, that this is scary news. I am afraid, scared, worried and supportive with my daughter all at once. I have realized that I must conquer my feelings so I can help her get through and handle all her feelings that she is going through. I adore my daughters boyfriend, because I know that he loves her very much. My husband and I will support them as they go through this journey whether she is pregnant or not. I pray for your parent(s) to do the same. I wish you the best!


Jasmine - November 16

All you can do is pray i think im pregnant and my boyfriedn told his mom we have been together 2 years but i know if i tell my granny she would kill me im 15 too but all I can do is pray


heather - November 22

ok well i have a problem i think i might be pregnant. im 18 years old and i have been with my boyfriend for 2 years. we have kinda been trying to have a baby and i think this might be it. well mt period was exactly a month but i was very light and very little i have never had thins type of period before. i dont want to take a hpt cuz i really dont want to know. i have taken them before hoping that it will say positive but its always negavtive and it always hurts. what should i go and how long should i wait before i do take a test ?? please i need some advice.


jojo - November 23

i dont no how to tell my mum that i think im pregnant. i love my b/f to bitz and he means the world to me but i reeally dont no how to tell my mum cos i dont want her to think bad of me or not speak to me can sumone plz help me!


Hilary - November 23

Ok, Im sorry, but take a freakin test!


Amy - November 24

The best thing to do is tell them soon, because if you dont tell them for a long time they might think you was deliberatly hiding it from them. But as youve said you have a close relationship with your mom and she likes your boyfriend too, then both of you should sit down with her to talk and go on from there. But if your not pregnant you have nothing to worry about, luv amies x x x


Audrey - November 24

There's a good book out there called "Mom, I'm Pregnant (How to tell your parents)" by Reni L. Witt. You might be able to find it online or in a library. Heather- The best time to take a home test is when you expect your next period, but if your hormone levels are low it might give a false negative. However a blood test for hCG will say for certain if you are pregnant or not.


Solution - November 24

d only ting i could tell u is to take de preg. test an den talk 2 ur parents!!!!


u are a hoe - November 24

I hope your parents disown you


Da 3 Amigos - November 26

so your a yank, well... get on and tell her stop making a flipping drama of everything its your own fult deal with it



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