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??? - August 27

okay me and my boyfriend had s_x for the first time we had no condom! My lower back hurts and im craving weird food hes all scared were going to get a ept and if it comes out postive were running away but should i take it now or wait? What should i do? Could he get arrested hes 14 im 12


jaja - July 25

no I don't think he can as long asd it was consent. Now if he was 18 then that's different.


Shari - July 25

Luv, you need to take a test, then you need to sit down and realise that you are way too young to be having s_x AND a baby. Idon't understand why you feel the need to sleep with your boyfriend at this age. And if you run away.. whats that going to prove?? What you think you can raise a baby on your own.. you are still a little girl yourself. Don't mean to be harsh dude, but s_x can all sound good and coz everyone else is doing it.. but there is soo much there that you need to realise before you take the plunge and do that... something called responsibilty which plays a ahuge part in it all.


cait - July 28

theres a good chance youre pregnant if you had s_x during the middle of your menstrual cycle (im a__suming youve gotten your period, as some girls at your age havent yet). back pain and food cravings do not necessarily mean pregnancy. take the test, and if its positive dont run away. if youre pregnant you should tell an adult you trust, like a parent, so that they can get you some help and help you to make a decision about what to do with the baby (keeping it, abortion, adoption etc). since youre only twelve, your body is probably not physically ready to carry or deliver a baby so it is important that you see a doctor if you are pregnant instead of running away. and no your boyfriend cant be arrested as long as he didnt force you to have s_x with him. but, you may not even be pregnant in the first place. good luck! :)


uh oh - August 18

well, first of all, u should have used a condom. any way, u shouldnt run away. just tell your parents! they may get mad but they'll still help ya out! i think that u should take the test and if it does come out positive, PLEASE dont run away! thats actually the last thing you'd want to do. what u need to do is tell ur rents. and next time, if there is a next time, use a CONDOM!


Shorty - August 18

That is disgusting, at your age that is a deffinate no no. You wanna run away? Gee that sure shows the maturity of your charecter. Go dgave you a brain, it would be really something if you actually used it!!!


Sabrina - August 18

your gonna run away?? and you think you can raise a baby...thats a joke


Isabelle - August 19

Ever heard of the phrase "young and stupid" come one people we were all stupid at one point of our lives. I think you should definally take a test. Then if its positive running away isnt going to help. How are you going to do it anyway? your going to become pregnant and have no where to live your 12 you cant even handle being pregnant. You shouldnt even be thinking of having s_x right now,please find something else to do with your boyfriend like go to the movies! you should only be thinking about kissing and stuff.. not something like the other person said if your having s_x it comes along with responsibility. So please tell your mother that you might be pregnant..running away only would make it worse.


summer - August 19

your only 12 that is totally not what you need but i'm not a rude person so i'm not going to down you.but you need to tell your parents and do something fast,please don't runaway.i'm 17 and pregnant and i need all the support i can get ,but i can't imagine being 12.


Brittany - August 26

Don't run away I did the same thing Iam 3 months pregnat. Isloved mine by telling my mom.Do what you think is right


Sam - August 26

Take a test-if it turns out positive then talk to ur parents-they may be a bit annoyed about it at first b___they will soon be fine and at least you know they will give you any help you need..but before you make any decisions about running away or anythink(which would get you into more trouble than anything else and worry your parents to death) you should take a test!!you can take a home pregnancy test from the first day of your missed period.


Rokky_Road - August 27

Y didn't u relise that action do have consequences. i am 13 but no what 2 do and what not 2. look take the test coz if u r u no and dont have to worry, and think about whats next . Could i ask 1 question WHAT IS THAT GR8 BOUT s_x WHEN U DON"T EVEN NO THE CONSEQUENCES????? but hey that just my opinon.


Sandra - August 27

???, he cannot be arrested as long as you consented to having s_x with him. For him to be arrested, it would have to have been rape or he would have to be over 18 yrs old since you are a minor. In the meantime, take an EPT if your period is late and by all means don't run away. Running away will not solve this problem plus how will you two take care of yourselves plus a baby when neither or you are old enough to work. You are going to need your parents if you are pregnant. Sure, they may be upset but you are going to have to be a "Big Girl" and listen to what they have to say after all you were "Big" and "Old" enough to have s_x so you should face the music. Not to sound harsh, ok? Best of luck.



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