Help Im Pregnant

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anominous - June 17

well i really need help. Im 16 years of age and have found out i am pregnant i have been with my bf for a year and a half now. He has said he will be there what ever i pick he has told his family and they are really happy.At first i wanted it but im really begining to face reality but i cant kill my own flesh in blood. Please help i need some advice and support thanks.


Shelly - June 17

What do you feel in your heart? This is a decision that you have to make for yourself. No one can make it for you. Take in account your feelings. Look at how your life will be both ways. If your family doesn't want to support your decision, find someone who will. This is your life and your body. Weigh the pros and cons, then go with your heart. If you let someone else make this decision for you, you'll regret it for the rest of your life. Deep inside YOU know what is right for you. You need to have some loving support at this time in your life. As well as some serious help and guidance. Have you told your parents yet? If not, talk to an adult that is close to you. Have you talked to your boyfriends parents? Ask these support people your questions, and they will help you figure it out. You might think about seeing a counselor. Everything will be OK. Just get some help from someone you can talk to in person. Best of luck to you, whatever you choose. Let me know if you want to talk on MSN. Love, Shelly


Michelle - December 28

Hey, don't ever think of giving up such a wonderful gift from god. Yeah, it's going to be hard, you're going to need money and so many things to take care of the baby, but it'll be ok. I just hope your boyfriend sticks around like he says, most guys just bounce when they here their girl is pregnant. If he has been incouraging you to abort then he really doesnt care about you, good luck, please keep the baby!


jenn - December 29

you dont have to have an abortion and admiting that you arent ready is perfectly ok... you should do some research on adoption because there is always someone out there looking for a baby.... its a hard decision but you need to way out your options


KC - December 29

Maybe you should think about adoption?


monica - January 3

i think im pregnant what are teh symptoms


Grandpa Viv - January 3

Guys, the original post is from June. She has long since made up her mind. Monica, click on the Am I Pregnant link on the left.


Jasmine - March 17

Well as you know nobody can make that decision for you, and dont let anybody convince you or tell you what to do. I wouldnt even consider aborting, thats god gift to you and dont forget, he new that little baby before you were even concieved, so throwing that away is like throwing away a gift god has given you. If you dont think your ready for a baby, then there is always adoption. I know it will be hard for you to do that but if you really want what is best for the baby then you will do it. Dont forget that there are alot of financially stable couples out there that cant have babies, and would love to adopt and care for your little one. I would probably keep the baby. Your probably thinkin how can i finish school, or how can i support this child, well there are programs that you can get on called WIC and that will give you free formula and foodstamps, and there is a really helpful one called Medicaid, and that will pay for all your doctor bills, and clinical checkups for when the baby is sick and stuff, you can go online nd check those programs out. There is alot more help out there for you and your little one, just chose your decision wisely because you cant change the past!!


jamie - March 22

PLEASE I NEED HELP im 16 and pregnant for the second time the first baby i lost but im now 4wks pregnant with another my mom knows and she wants me to get an abortion what do i do


Grandpa Viv - March 22

Jamie, there's something out of sync in your family. An accidental pregnancy before 16 is understandable. To go out and get pregnant again right away means that you are crying out for love and attention and using this as a way of getting it. IMHO your family is more in need of counseling than a baby at this time.


Sky - September 14

There's a website called, lokk through it and weigh the pros and cons. This decision is always going to be a complicated one, but it'll help if you knew the process and so forth.


M - September 15

You are not in this alone, it seems like you have support from your boyfriend and his family, there are alot of teen moms who go through this by themselves and do just fine. Even younger ones who do good. There are programs you can get into to help support the baby. Here we have WIC they will give formula to your baby free and you get food checks. Also there is medicade, welfare, food stamps. You will get over feeling like this, trust girl I felt the same way.



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