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Mary - June 29

me and boyfriend had s_x while i was having my periods without a condom thinkin that since my uterus is shedding, i would unlikely to get pregnant. But now im worried because at the top of my va___a, it feels like something blocking it. Also my period is due this week and ive got tender br___ts, but im still not sure...and im scared to goto the doctor. Whats happening?


jane - June 2

You should go to the doctor don't be afraid its possible your preg. but other stuff can be wrong


Shelly - June 2

Yes, you can get pregnant having s_x while having your period.. Pregnancy is linked to ovulation, not your period. Sperm can live inside the uterus for up to a week. If you ovulate while they're alive, you'll get pregnant. Every woman ovulates a little differently. Are you late for your period? If you're not yet the home test won't work. If you want to know for sure quickly, have a blood test done at your doctor's office or a clinic. Blood tests can tell if you're pregnant before you miss a period. Don't be afaid to see a doctor, it' a good idea to go if you'r unsure about what's going on.


Marie - June 7

Before you get your period you can have tender b___sts also not just when you are pregnant. Make sure that if your period is late that you get a pregancy test.


kay - June 7

that's disguisting, and the stupidest thing ive ever heard. having s_x durung your period? dont tell me that you didnt know that thats your clensing time.


clarinda - June 29

i had s_x on friday when i,m still on my period can i get pregnat


kay - June 29

im sorry, but you are diccusting. your period really is your clensing time. you couldnt wait till after your period could you?


annoyed - June 29

Kay, you're an idiot.


ann - June 29

mary, i did the same thing you did and you are probly young like me so if you need to talk because i know at times i need to talk to some one. so my e-mail adn we can



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