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girl890 - November 8

I am pregnant. My mother says she will make me abort my baby and that is nothing I can do to stop her because I am only 15. I already tried running away from home but I had no where to go but to a hospital and I don't ever want to go through that again. I am planning on killing myself. Does any one know of some ways that I could kill myself with out hurting the baby in the process?


Please tell me you're kidding - November 8

There is no possible way to kill yourself without hurting the baby. You die and the baby loses it's source of oxygen, food, and everything else. Your mother can't make you get an abortion. This is posted from a website on the facts. Parents do not have a legal right to make a decision about their daughter’s pregnancy. However distressed they are by the pregnancy parents do not have the right to make their daughter have an abortion. If your daughter is 16 or over she does not need parental consent to have an abortion. If your daughter is under 16 and chooses to have an abortion she can do so without your consent if two doctors agree that she is mature enough to understand the treatment and consequences and that it is in her best interests. Doctors always encourage young people to involve their parent or carer in the process of accessing abortion, and the vast majority of young people do. So please don't try to kill yourself and maybe go to a shelter for women or pregnant girls. If I knew which state you were in I could get more facts for you. Good luck.


- November 8

ur mom can not make u have an abortion. thats ur choose, when and if she takes u a the clinic tell the tech u dont what it done and they wont do it, so have the baby and place it for adoption but dont kill ur self that the bad was out


TARA - November 9

girl890, if you tell me what state you are in, I can give you links for local shelters ir support groups that can help you. Please dont try to kill yourself, there are people out there that can help you!


boo - November 9

sounds good girl890, lets hook up and do it together. i want 2 kill myself 2.


CAROL - November 9

Okay, look. You can't kill yourself and not harm your baby. Impossible. And it'snot the end of the world, being pregnant. You can put the child up for adoption. Stop being a drama queen.


Rachel - November 9

Noooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Don't do it please! I know you may want to keep your child...Don't let your mom make a drastic decision on your body...if you want your child keep it...she can't force abortion on can go to a shelter until you're ready to have the child or try to hook up with a relative, you can't really kill yourself without harming the child because for right now, you are that child's shelter..if you take that shelter away you are just as well killing that child too. Don't do it. Your mom may not be understanding, but trust me, you'll always have your kid to love you and you to love it back. Please make the right decision...


girl890 - November 9

I told my mom this morning that I wasn't getting an abortion and I didn't care what she said. She slapped me in the face for talking to her that way and told me to get out of her house since i think i am ready to be grown. when i got home from school i knocked and knocked on the door but my mother would not answer. i think she hates me now. i tried to call her on my cell but she wouldn't answer the phone neither. I didn't think she was serious about kicking me. i am really scared now. i walked to the library to do my homework and i am still here. i am about to go back home now to she if she will open the door but if she doesn't i will have no where to go tonight. i don't think there are any shelters in walking distance around here so can someone give me someone to call. do you think i could call the police and they could force my mother to let me back in the house since i am under 18. i'll be at the library another 15 min waiting for an answer from anyone.


Bonnie - November 9

You poor thing, your mother may just be angry and needing to calm down. While you are at the library, look up your local women's shelter and let them know what is happening. They will help make arrangements for you.


to girl890 - November 9

Hey, i am soooooo sorry what your mother is doing to you and that you dont have anywhere else to go. ((((((((hugs))))))))) for you girl. where you from?? maybe i can help you look up some places to go. good luck!!! it will be alright


Jbear - November 10

You can ask your school nurse or counselor where to go...they will have helped other girls in your situation.


Adult - November 10

Girl 890 & Boo Your mother is mega p__sed, probaly because she dreamed that your life would be different and perhaps because she hates the father. Where do you live? Do not kill your self, even if your bf or parents do not love you, there is a child that will love you. You need to find some one to help you. Sure the web is a foundation, but you need a real hug and real help. Perhaps a shelter at least tonight, they are in every county. You will survive this episode. It will not be easy and yes you will be frieghtened. Your mom will most likely realize her mistake and come around to being a parent again. Adult



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