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lil_cutie - April 29

i was just curious to see when i ovulated and i checked on a website and it said i ovulated on the 23/4 then i had s_x 26 27 and 28 of this month would it be possible for me to get pregnant even after i may have ovulated? ive been getting stomach cramps for a few days now and my temp is a lil high


Grandpa Viv - April 29

If the first time you had s_x this month was the 26th, there is no way you could be feeling pregnant on the 29th. Normally the egg is done for 24 hours after ovulation, but ovulation can be a day or two later than expected, so there is some chance that you may end up pregnant anyway. Your period is due May 5th (according to your 23/4 stat.) If a normal period does not show on time, try a home pee test first pee Sunday 7th and another Sunday 14th. Condoms plus a backup method from now on please, and learn to stay away from your fertile window. Good luck!


lil_cutie - April 30

i wasn't actually saying that i was feeling pregnant i was just saying that i was getting stomach cramps and my temp was a lil high whick usually happens about a week or 2 before i get my period.


frankschick2001 - May 1

There is a small chance you conceived. A small chance. You would NOT be exhibiting symptoms now. Also, next time, check for your fertile time BEFORE having unprotected s_x. You should be on birth control and condoms as well. Good luck.


Franny - October 26



tyler0323 - October 26

didnt you just say that you found out you were pregnant on august 11th? here we go with the confusion again. and you said this in your CLARIFYING post.....


tyler0323 - October 26

never mind now i see the date, but im still confused


apr - October 26

Now onto the confusion about my pregnancy. i came off the pill on JUNE 30th. I had s_x on JULY 18th. I had a period on JULY 4th that was my last period. i found out i was pregnant on the 11th august. my due date is APRIL 10th 2007. i'm 16 weeks and 2 days. (the thing that confuses me tho is that i checked on a pregnancy calander a few days ago and it said that with the dates that i have that i'm 17 weeks. --------------that is wat u wrote 2day on ur other post. explanation?????


Sims1 - October 26

this post is old......this is still lil cutie.


lil_cutie - October 27

as u can tell i had quite a few pg scares this yr thats why i went on the pill and it failed. and again this post was way before i found out i was pg


lunamoo - October 27

With "so many" pregnancy scares, it is amazing that you still ended up pregnant! With 5 scares one would imagine you would either abstain or certainally get on birth control. And now your lil friend thinks she is pregnant too! What a mess.


lil_cutie - October 27

i was on the pill when i got pregnant. i took it everyday at the same time and i still got pregnant. there is nothing i can do to change wats happened.


lunamoo - October 27

I remember you saying you were OFF the pill in June and hence got pregnant. Now you say different. What is up!?!


mammy16 - October 27

This girl is lying so much shes stating to believe herself, her story changes every day, she just wants attention


lunamoo - October 27

I just bumped her post where she says "she got off the pill in June and got pregnant on July 18th". She keeps digging herself deeper and deeper. What a wreck!


Skyeblue - October 27

Lilcutie, I also have the same question, after miscarrying an unplanned pregnancy and having consequtive months of pregnancy scares, why would you go off the pill, get pregnant weeks later and then act like a vicitm of failed birth conrol and try to get pity from your audience saying how mean and uncaring your bf is... How can you expect his trust and respect if you can't even be honest with an online community...?



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