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Lisa - April 26

I had unprotected s_x on the 7th and 10th of April.. since then I've been dizzy, had cramps, and my br___t hurt juss alittle.. i dunno my period isn't due until the of the month,, but i want to kno now.. are these signs?


Mel - April 26

if you stress, you will not get your period, you could be making yourself think you are feeling these signs, Just chill out and wait to see if you miss, then you can take a test if you miss, if you think you have to know now, you can go to a dr and get a blood test.


Lisa - April 26

but would it be to early to get a blood test?


Cara - April 27

it is probably too early to get a blood test, even if you are pregnant most signs dont show up right away. When is AF due? Call your doc. office or wherever you would go to get the blood test and ask how early detection can occur.


Lisa - April 27

Lisa, this kind of b___st pain and cramping can indicate your period is coming, or sometimes just that you are ovulating. Wait and see if you get your period before you test. For heaven sakes, don't have anymore unprotected s_x! Go to planned parenthood and they have free condoms if you insist on having s_x.


pinky - April 27

i'm 16 years old.i had unprotected s_x on 12th date is on it's late abt 1 week.i feel dizzy and vomit.i make home test yesterday but it shows negative.but it doesn't come now!what should i do?


Grandpa Viv - April 27

Lisa, if your period is not due until the 28th, you would normally have ovulated somewhere in the 12th-16th window. S_x on the 10th could perhaps cause pregnancy as sperm can survive 5 days inside you. Suppose you conceived on the 14th, first signs of pregnancy would have appeared about the 21st. Light cramps that perhaps feel different from AF, dizziness, b___sts (esp nipples) sensitive ahead of time, fatigue, tummy upsets, more peeing, veins where you don't remember them before, unusual v____al discharge are some of the early signs. Wait until you are sure you have missed a normal period, then ask school guidance or nurse for a home test. Good luck!


Grandpa Viv - April 27

Pinky, s_x 8 days before your period would not usually make you pregnant because the egg is dead by then. The exception would be if you ovulated late. Suppose you did conceive on the 12th, it would be the Wed 20th before you began to feel signs, and it would be today before you would perhaps get a positive home test. I would wait until the weekend and test again first pee Saturday morning using the dip method. If it is positive you can leave the test in the bathroom for your mom to see. Repeat a week later if still in doubt. [email protected] Good luck!



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