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deannayv - September 21

ok well me and my boyfriend always do something unprotected...well he came in my like everytime we do something...not cause he wanted or i wanted him to its just he thought i was already pregnant cause i thought so too...but the test came out negative so i went and got a blood test done but it said neagtive...the day after the test we still have been doing things and he comes in me everytime but how is it possible that im not pregnant??? not sayin i want a baby cause i really dont i just want to kno how its possible


Chris1975 - September 21

Why are you tempting fate by having unprotected s_x if you really dont want a baby? That really confuses me. Its not a guaranteed that you will fall pregnant in one month just because you have s_x every day... however, if you continue what you are doing, you will probably be pregnant soon enough! Lifestyle choices like cigs/alcohol, fertility issues, and excessive weight/underweight can also cause problems falling pregnant,....but sometimes it just takes time. If i were you, id get out some protection...not only to stop the inevitable result, but also to prevent STDs


freebird - September 21

Sounds to me like you just got lucky. It can take several months to happen if you're trying to get pregnant, BUT it can also happen the first time you have s_x. You can't tell. If you really don't want a baby you'd better stop having unprotected s_x immediately because you WILL end up with a baby otherwise.


GimmeaBub - September 22

That something and thoes things you been doing uprotected will cause you to become pregnant if you dont want to be. The reason that you may not have gotten pregnant luckely is perhaps you were not ovulating at the time of intercourse, you can only fall pregnant 2 days of every month, time to be grown up, including calling s_x a something, use protection if you dont want to be pregnant and if your bf doesnt like it, then you need to decide what you want for yourself. Best of luck


ChattyKathy - September 22

Nothing is wrong with you. Making a baby is hard work. There is about a 25% chance of getting pregnant even when having s_x on your ovulation day. Now, even though that number seems low, if you DON'T want a baby its a pretty high chance! Think of it this way. 25% = 1 out of 4. If you have unprotected s_x for four months straight, you are likely to become pregnant by then, statistics wise. So, unless you are ready for this to happen you need to protect yourself at ALL times. You never know which month is going to be the month where everything comes into place and makes a baby. But don't worry that something might be wrong with you. You have no reason to believe that.


Grandpa Viv - September 22

Don't worry, you will be pregnant well before Thanksgiving. Is he planning to dump you once you get pregnant, or is he in it for the long haul? Of course, you could wise up and insist on proper birth control. A condom every time, maybe v____al spermicide for double protection, and stay away from the fertile window days 8 thry 16 of 28. Good luck!



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