Help Me Im 17 And Think I Am Pregnant

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Holly-Mari - August 2

I think i am pregnant!! i have all the signs and i quite worried but happy also. i am 17 and in a seroius partner doesn't want a baby untill i am at least 23 which is how old he is. i cant talk to him cos he will go mad the same with my mum. every one will be so dissapointed please help me.. i dont think i will be able to keep it but i would really love to keep it and I know I would love it so much. hlep me please


Jayney - June 20

look luv what ever you do dont give up the baby to abortion, if you really dnt want it give it up for adoption there are plenty of couples who would love a baby. good luck and think about what your are doing talk to someone...............


Shelly - June 20

Before you get all worked up, take a pregnancy test to see if you really are pregnant. Then if you are, we will support you in telling your boyfriend and your family. Don't worry, everything will work out in the end.


Holly-Mari - June 21

Thanks shelly i took your advice and took a prgnancy test it come up negative but i still wasnt sure so i did another two today and i am what am i going to do?????


Shelly - June 21

First you need to go see a doctor for prenatal care. Then you are going to have to find someone close to you or a counselor that you trust to talk to. You need to have some loving support at this time in your life. As well as some serious help and guidance. Ask these support people your questions, and they will help you figure it out. You might think about seeing a counselor with your parents and your boyfriend. Everything will be OK. Just get some help from someone you can talk to in person. I will also be here for you if you want to email, or talk on MSN. Best of luck to you. Love, Shelly


dymond - June 22

im 17 and 30 weeks pregnant. i know what your feeling. my boyfriend is also 17 and left as soon as we found out. to be honest he tried to convince me to get an abortion but seeing my baby on the screen when i got my first ultrasound- i could never give up to abortion.i was so worried that my parents would kill me and i was sure that everyone would look down on me for the mistake i made. but i told them and after alittle time they cant be happier about having a baby in our lives. going through this pregnancy alone is one of the hardest things ever to need someone to talk to, someone to find comfort in . if theres anything you need to ask or need to talk im here. please get to a doctor asap.


sarah - July 6

i am pregnant and i will be 17 soon. i know it's hard and something you didn't plan but trust me you should keep the baby coz it'll be hard not to and just think of all the fun you will have and try to think positive! if u wanna chat then mail me [email protected] or add me on msn if you have it xx


good luck - July 6

Frist take a test.Don't abort for ANYBODY. Your dude should not act this stupid. (Sorry) But if he is 23,and also wanted to having s_x with you he should except the fact.He is old enough to know what he was doing.It's your body,you want to keep it, do it. It's a lot to take in if you are pregnant, but if you are in a serious relationship, and you two can trust eachother,then he should not get mad. Whatever you decide don't change your choice.Even if he leaves you or says he's gonna if you don't get an abortion, then he's really not worth it.



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