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Kelly - June 26

on the 22nd of june i had unpretected intercorse and he busted in me, now im worried that i might be pregnant im expecting my period on the 1st. of july,but im feeling no symptoms for my period usually i will be having alot of back aches but im not instead im getting sick alot and am tired all the time. im having wierd cravings of food i never ate before in my life i read that these are alll symptoms of pregnancy , but when should i take the test? and could i be pregnant? should i stop smoking now till i find out if i am or not? Im 15 please help me!!!!!!!!


bbles - June 26

could be signs of pergnancy, or panick. Girls sometimes worry themselves too much about the possibility of being pregnant that they actually force their bodies to "think" that they are. I do think that it's too early for cravings and a lot of back aches. Those back aches could mean that you're period is on it's way. If you're period doesn't come when it's due, go get yourself a test. They are so accurate now that they can tell if you're pregnant the day after your period is missed. Definately stop smoking now. I started when I was 13, and am now almost 27, and it's a habit that is literally killing me. I am pregnant, and my baby is small, due to the fact that I am having a very difficult time quitting. My advice to you is quit now while you still can... everybody will thank you!


alisha - June 26

It sound like ypur pregnant. If you don't get your period when its due, then take the pregnancy test. You should stop smoking until you find out if you are or not.


Valerie - June 27

You proly might be pregnent.You should DEFENETLY get a test. Sounds like your pregnent. Does your mom know you have s_x?


Grandpa Viv - June 27

If your period is regular and expected on July 1, then you ovulated one of the days between Jun 14 to June 18. The egg only lasts one day, so s_x June 22nd would be unlikely to cause pregnancy. If you had a contraceptive malfunction June 10th - 18th, you might be pregnant. Take a test July 9th first pee in the morning if your period has not come by then. Good luck!


Em - June 27

You should take the test a few days after if you miss your period, I think. You should stop smoking even if you arent pregnant, but definitely if you are.


WJ - June 27

You just had s_x five days ago. Sometimes you don't even get pregnant by then. Why don't you wait until you miss your period before you start worrying and then take a pregnancy test.


honey - June 27

girl stop smoking cuz you aint gonna want birth-defects. yeah you may be pregnant or just extremely paranoid!! but this has also happened to me like 4 days ago but he just never stopped!


Sheryl Ann - June 27

my advice to you is to wait till atleast the third of july and see if your period comes, if it does not then test.


kelly - June 27

yes, my mopther does know about this and that iahv4e s_x i thank all of you all for your help.... thank you and god bless if u could be anymo help then just email me at [email protected] or write me on here thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Megan - July 8

i think u should take the pregnancy test.. and quit smoking.. u shouldnt be smoking in the first place at such a young age but def. take the test


paulina - July 12

well you should take the test already and if you are pregnent it's ok cause you and your lover will be at least happy.


kaila - July 12

can i be pregnent if id idnt have s_x he didnt c_m or stick it in



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