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Mony - May 20

My last regular period was March 3rd. It lasted 5 days as usually. In April my period was 2 weeks late on the 12th...but when it came it was light and it only lasted 3 days which led me to believe that it wasn't my period. Its now May and my period still hasn't come...neither on the 3rd or 12th...i took a HPT 1 week ago but it was negative...but i'm showing signs of pregnancy...tender br___ts, no period, nausea, loss of appet_te, etc. Am I pregnant? Should I test again or get a blood test?


~~~someone who cares~~~ - May 20

The best time to do a pregnancy test is when you wake in the morning. tho those testers arent always accurate. my wife did one when she was 3months preg and it came out negative and we got a blood test and scan which both showed a baby boy. i would do a test in the morning and wait a week and do another if you still concerned please get a blood test done.


Monica - May 20

i think you should get a blood test done. because some home pregnancy test dont show a positive answer. just get a blood test done. good luck.


Mony - May 20

I think I'll get the blood test. I want to know, but I'm scared to know. How much do they cost? Wow, you don't know how scared I am right now...


Monica - May 20

To Mony. I'm not sure how much they cost becuase i took a home pregnancy test and mines came back positive. i'm now 6 months pregnant with a baby boy. how old are you?


Mony - May 20

Unfortunately I'm 17.


To Mony - May 21

Try to find a midwife in your area. They may help you if you are over 16 which you said you are. They will often run a blood test at cost without charging expensive office visits though maybe a small charge. The blood test itself could be anywhere from about $70-$120 I'm thinking. I had a baby with a midwife and that is what my blood tests were. Try not to be scared, because if you are NOT pregnant, that fear can make your period hold off even more. If you are pregnant, you'll love that baby more than life itself.


Grandpa Viv - May 21

Boy that sounds like pregnant! Take vitamins with folic acid until you know for sure. That would have been from s_x the weekend of March 13th. A urine test should pick that up at 10 weeks. I think the first thing would be to get another urine test (the Dollar Store $4 is good enough) and try again, but use first morning pee and the dip method to maximize your chances. The next possibility is to visit the Health Depsrtment in your area, or call Planned Parenthood 1-800-230-PLAN. I understand about the expense of a blood test. Good luck to you! IM ppowb


Mony - May 21

UPDATE: Just got back from Hope Pregnancy Center and they did a urine test that came back negative...But I think I'm still going to get a blood test done.



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