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xoxticiaxox - February 22

HI my name is ticia. I need some serious help, or some opinions, or something!!! Im going insane...LITERALLY! I have a few options and Im going to tell them in detail! I am due in less than 2 months...I am able to stay at my parents with the baby, but my fiance will not be able to coem and visit because my parents wont allow him in our home (they think he is using me, and not good for me)!! Anyways, I want him to be able to see the baby as much as possible! Heres the thing..I am able to stay at his mothers house, but I HATE her and she smokes, and has to cats, she doesnt own a vaccuum, and the appartment she lives in is TINY! I dont want my baby around that...I can barely stand it there...and then there is one more friend said that we can stay with her untill we get on our feet, in a 2 bedroom apartment...6 people in a 2 bedroom apartment....I dont know how that would work! I told some people. and they said if my fiance doesnt have a job now...what makes me think he will get one if we move in with my friend??? (No he doesnt have a job, he claims he is looking for one...but its not that hard to find a job, plus there are loads of places to get a job....he juts ddoesnt want to) Who cares what you want...we have a baby coming get out there and work!!!! I see everyones point of view...but I dont know what to do!!! Anyone have any suggestions, or opinions on which one seems the best route?? P.S- I fI do stay with my mum, then I will have to deal with his mother saying that Im keeping cody from his baby, and that my mum gets to be more of a gramma then her, and blah blah blah...the rumours wont stop!!! Shes a witch!!! Plzzzzz help me!


xoxticiaxox - February 22

btw I forgot to family is telling me he will never get a job, and never support me and soo on, and so is his family...I love him and have faith in him...but what am I supposed to do when all the proof is with them??? I dont regret this baby one bit...but Im starting to think of the drama this poor lil girl is going to have to go through....


freebird - February 22

I think you should stay with your parents. It's not really about what kind of c___p you'll have to deal with from other people, it's about which is the best and safest environment for your baby. You're the mom now and it's up to you to make the best life possible for your baby. Good luck with your decision.


xsarahx_18x - February 22

hey ticia x x i agree with freebird you really have to think of whats going to be best 4 your lil girl n it sounds like it is best to stay with your parents, the daddy (your partner) will still see your child, just not as much as you both want!! it doesnt sound like your partners mums house is going to be a nice place for your baby to live. stay with your mum for now n see how it goes.. maybe your mum will come round when the babies here n understand that your partner has got every right to see your child n maybe she'll let him come over!! hope that helps x x good luck x x


ChattyKathy - February 22

Be honest with your partner and let him know the situation. If he cannot get his act together then you will be forced to stay with your parents, most likely. He needs to get a job and tough it out.


Grandpa Viv - February 22

Ticia, I'm with the rest of them. If you are going to do right by this baby, you will stay with the best support system available. Sometime down the pike your mom will relent and let the dad visit. Tell the dad that it is up to him to get his feet on the ground and a support system of his own in place, then you will consider moving in with him. Don't hold your breath. Good luck!



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