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cindy p. - January 24

Hi am 15 yrs old. I had s_x with my bf on dec 30, 04. My last period was on dec. 24, 04 It lasted 4 days. I was suppose to get ma period already, but still haven't! Do you think i might be pregnant!? i know that it was bad having s_x, but i can't change it, Now all i can do is hope for the best and pray am not! Am too scare n shy to go and get a pregnancy test! My parents don't know. They would kill me if they would!! Please help me!! am so desperate. am tooo young to be having a baby. I know what some of you are gonna say "if you were mature enough to have s_x, then you should be mature enough to take care of the results!!" But how do i do dat?? i guess i just need an advice and courage! help me please!


Kimi - January 24

First of all you need to find out wether or not you are pregnant, buy a test and if you dont have the money, find a center near your home, a planned parenthood or something like that. and if you are then you have options, keep the baby, adoption, or abortion. they are all possible options. but before you panic, find out for sure wether you are really pregnant or not.


cindy p - January 25

hey u guys, well i was on the phone with my bf, he dosen't know that i might be pg! And i was like do uplan on having any kids @ all? he said no, i was like what if some day one of ur gurls comes up to you and tell you that she's pg? he said the 1st thing that i would ask would be is it mine? then i would see what i would do. It didn't sound like he would take responsabilities, now am even more scare! He says he loves me but my question is would he stick around if he knew i might be pg? omg! THANK U kimi,am so scare! but thank u for the advice, but somthin i know i would never do is have an abortion!


Sarah - January 25

Sometimes if you worry about your period being late it just puts it off for longer, the more you relax the quicker it will come. But I would have a test done first then you will know for sure


Britt - January 25

hey....first of all when you said "i know that it was bad having s_x"..we're not here to judge you so don't feel like you have to defend yourself in that department :-) and there's some stupid chicks on here who like to be all judgemental and rude but just kinda tune them out....ok here's my advice... I think it's a possibility that you might be pregnant, and no matter how shy you are, you need to find out if you are pregnant for the sake of the baby's health. ( you said you wouldn't get an abortion) So anyways, suck it up and take a test. If you can't rely on your boyfriend to go buy you a home pregnancy test or take you to get tested, try asking someone you're close to who you can trust (best friend, big sis, cool aunt..) As for your boyfriend situation, it sounds like he has a little growing up to do. But you never know, he might just stand up and be responsible. People can shock the hell out of you. But if he isn't supportive then you're better off without him, because if he cant take responsibility for something thats half his fault, then he really isn't the greatest guy to be with in your situation..... :-\



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