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kendra.marie - December 20

okay ladies. QUESTION TO ALL OF YOU well not really a ? well maybe lol we will see how it comes out. Dec. 5th i woke up bleeding horrible red blood like i was miscarrying . well was a ER nothing wrong. they did a scan that was the first time i got to see my bean =] oh so cute anyways they didnt know & only gave the explanation of well we think you might of been carrying twins & miscarried or it reobsobred. & then sent me on my way. my obgyn said that right now if somethings wrong & i were to miscarry theres nothing they can do to stop it. but the baby was healthy in my scan moving a bit & hb was 183. so no real reason to be concerned. well the following weeks went by & the 13th (8 days later) i was bleeding pink blood this time when i wiped just a bit. well my doctor reassured me pink blood is okay & some woman just bleed a little bit. well today again bleeding just a bit. brownish in my underwear & pinkish when i wiped. its been 7 days since the last time. so im beginning to wonder if i might just bleed throughout this pregnancy & this blood is not bad. i mean i just been bean on the 18th (2 days ago) moving & hb of 176 =] what do you ladies think>?


jennifer_33106 - December 20

ANY and ALL bleeding should be reported to your Dr. Bleedomg does not always mean m/c. When I was 6 weeks 1 day, I had my first u/s. It was a transv____al scan. Later that night, I woke up crying because I had horrible bright red blood gushing outta me and I thought for sure I was m/cing for the second time. We went to the ER where they did a scan and found the baby to still be there with a steady HB. I was told that I had a threatened m/c and had about a 50% chance of continuing on with my pregnancy. Here is a tip for you. ER doctors are not OB's and do not know as much as they do. I didnt get to see my doc til the 2nd day after the ER visit because I went in on July 3rd. I went in to see my doctor where he did an internal exam to check to see if I was still closed. I was. Later on that same day, I started bleeding again. So I called him again and he set up for me to have another scan done because he wanted to see what was going on. The bleeding was coming from underneath my uterus. There was no explanation for that bleeding that they could find. They did it again transv____al. When I got home I bled some more. Turns out, anytime anything rubbed my d__n cervix I bled. I had like the worlds most sensitive cervix. It is actually very very common. Bleeding does not always indicate a problem. Think back to each time you bled. Had you had s_x? Was it after an exam? ALSO if you are not cramping or pa__sing tissue as big as your thumb, you and the bean are probably fine. I was even pa__sing small pencil eraser size tissue. I am now as of tomorrow 31 weeks. There are so many other reasons for bleeding them m/c. I pray that is not what you are having but since they saw baby bean in there with a good steady HB, then things are looking up for you. :) OH and brown blood= old blood.


jennifer_33106 - December 20

Damn look at the typos. *Bleeding*


kendra.marie - December 20

jen- yes i understand. my doctor is out today will be in tomorrow & i have my 12 week check tomorrow. so i will discuss more with her then. also every time i've bleed no s_x, no exam. no cramping no pa__sing tissue. thanks.


ROBYN - December 20

Kendra - i dont normally post on here but this might be whats called a Subchoronic Hematoma i had this with this pregnancy though we did IVF i thought it was related but its not. Basically its blood in the uterus and it pools up then gushes. If theres anyway you can find out when you go for your scan tomorrow. It might give you the answers. It does sound like what you have. Usually if this is what it is they absorb and pose no threat to the baby. In rare cases it can get into the placenta and it detaches from the baby but the object is to get the baby bigger than the hematoma. With something like this old blood is good but new blood means a new pooling. I was on bedrest for a while and it went away. Anyway i wish you luck just take it easy.


grow_up - December 20

I spotted for about 2 weeks. I had a tiny bit after having s_x at 4 weeks then at about 6 weeks for no reason spotted every other day. It was never red, but a very dark rusty color. They did a transv____al ultrasound and found no causes for it, and the funny thing is once I had it done the bleeding stopped and never came back. It's very common.


kendra.marie - December 21

robyn wouldnt they find that inthe v____al ultrasound they did 2 weeks ago? they took all sorts of pictures of me in there. but they said they couldnt see anything to harm. i will discuss with my doctor today; but i dont think i will get a scan today. but i will see. =] thanks ladies


ROBYN - December 21

Kendra -actually not necessarily. When i got my 1st bleed with the last pregnancy i was 7 weeks we went to the ER all they said was its a threatened m/c and the baby had a heartbeat. We did IVF with that pregnancy and saw my RE that morning he immediately noticed the hematoma because he knew to look for it. Alot of times during these scans they are really arent scanning the uterus and ovaries they look for the baby check a couple of things and send you on your way. Unfortunately with that pregnancy we had to terminate at 14 1/2 in Feb we wound up losing the amniotic fluid completely unrelated to the SCH we did IVF in the end of June again and are currently 29 weeks pregnant. But the same thing happened with this pregnancy in the beginning also and this SCH disappeared very quickly. My RE would tell me that bleeding is so much more common than we know and yes some people just bleed thru out their pregnancies. But the way you describe it sounds so much like what i had. The bleeds come and go remember old blood is good blood and new blood isnt good and obviously like you have done is contact your doctor. I wish you luck at your appt and hope its nothing and you just need a few days of rest (:



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