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Kelsey - October 28

my boyfriend and I broke up, we are trying really hard to stay friends. I am due in three days, and already he and his mother assume the baby is going to stay a couple of nights with them right away. I will be br___tfeeding, and they assume that they can just give her a bottle. I guess what I am trying to ask is when do visitation rights start with an infant? I do not want her staying the night with them when she is just weeks old. Is there a law to protect me??


CAROL - October 28

Just tell them they're out of their minds. They realize that a b___stfed baby needs their mother, right? They're being ridiculous. Without getting upset or crying, try to explain this to them. I don't know about any laws, but it seems completely out of touch with reality, what your ex and his mother are wanting. Congrats for b___stfeeding. I know babies who have been formula fed and are suffering from projectile vomitting and acid reflux disease as a result.


misti - October 28

your the one giving birth to it tell them it is staying with u over night but they can visit and that u want your baby brest fed its your baby not his moms and he ahs no right to take it from u


Nikki - October 28

This is really a disrespectful thing that you are going through. You can go to court and get visitations for them and fight for rights of having your baby, or you can just try to talk it out with your baby's daddy.. not his mother. It's not up to her. You two made the baby, not anyone else. You can be civilized and make clear decisions, but remember, everything needs to be based around the child, not the parents. It's what in the best interest of the baby. ttul


JK - November 1

Im not sure what state you live in but most states side with the mother. You would not be unreasonable to say no to them keeping a newborn. Unless the both of you have gone to court and the court has granted visitation you can tell him NONONONONO all day long!!! They cant make you hand over YOUR baby for visitation. Dont let them try to convince you of that either!! You might try calling a family law attorney who would give you a free consultation over the phone... they might give you some great info. Like the other post said, just tell him and his mother calmly that you will not let your child visit overnight or ever until you are comfortable with them taking proper care of your baby. I hope some of this helps!! Good luck to you!!


T - November 1

Refuse to let him see the baby while your b___st feeding. They sound out of their minds. Meanwhile contact a lawyer/solicitor and sort out visitation rights this way.


To kelsey - November 1

I would just be careful, b/c it's his kid too and he can do whatever he wants. If his name is on the birth certificate then it's just as much his as it yours. And if he decided to take far enough and just take the kid. There is nothing that anyone can do. I would just be careful and explain to them that your baby is being b___stfed and that it can not be away from you, but that they can come visit with you.



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