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tennesseewlkr07 - March 8

I dont know if anyone on here is from nc, but I have pregnancy medicaide through the state. And I have been horribly sick for the past week. I was wondering if anyone knew if I had to see my ob for this or if the insurance would allow me to go see my family physician also? My fever has reached like 101 and I dont want it to continue climbing because I know it cant be good for the baby and then its going to cause me to become dehydrated. I think I might have the flu because I have been naseaus alot more than usual. What really sucks now though is that before I was pregnant and I would get really sick my mom would baby me because I am her little girl. Now she just kind of like your pregnant deal with it! It hurts my feelings because although this is my first child I know I should not be feeling like this!! Sorry I just feel like venting! And since I have been pregnant I just cant seem to be able to stop coughing? I have asthma and its like every time I exhale my throat seizes up and I start like hacking its horrible! And being sick on top of this dosent help at all. Also I was wandering if anyones mouth has hurt since they have been pregnant? My back right gums are killing me all of the sudden?


freebird - March 8

You can take Tylenol during pregnancy to reduce your fever. It's about the only thing you can take over the counter. Call your regular doctor and ask them if they accept the insurance, they will know. When you're pregnant you can get dental issues. Although because of your age it could be your wisdom teeth starting to come through.


14 and expecting - March 8

my ob/gyn always tells me to go to her for every thing. i even had to go see her when i had strep throat.


Grandpa Viv - March 8

Your pregnancy OB can prescribe medication for you, or suggest you go see some other doctor, including for asthma. It sounds like you need a dentist to clean the tartar from your teeth to minimize gum disease, which has been known to cause underweight and premature birth, as well as cardiovascular problems. I urge you to get medical care starting with your Medicaid OB. Good luck!


xoxticiaxox - March 8

I was told that I CANNOT take tylenol during my doctor AND I dont know!



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