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willy - October 11

I'm 15 and me and my boyfriend had s_x about 2 weeks ago, and i was suppose to start my period around that time. It was a friday when i was with him and i thought i started my period on monday but i realized i was spotting. Later that week on Friday I wasnt sure if I was spotting again or if it was a really really REALLY light period, it lasted about 3 or 4 day but just very light bleeding. I have had constant headaches and heartburn on and off and have been sleeping alot lately for about 5 days now. I took a pregnancy test a week after we did it and it came back negative but my friend said it could be too early to tell. Could I still be pregnant?


V9653 - October 11

It was too early. If you are due for your period now, and you had s_x two weeks ago, that was around the time of ovulation if you have an average cycle. After s_x, you aren't just pregnant, and then it shows up on a test. The egg has to be fertilized and implant into the uterus, this alone can take a week to a week and a half. A few days after this you should be able to register on a test if you are pregnant-so take another test now, and it should give you some info. If it turns out that you aren't pregnant, you have to know that with your body being so young, your body will sometimes do strange things because it is constantly changing-hormones, etc. So that really light period could have been a period-but I only say this if you take another test and it's negative, because at the same time there is implantation bleeding that some women have that they describe as what you had-soooo-TAKE A T EST ASAP!


Grandpa Viv - October 12

Usually you are not likely to get pregnant from s_x right before your period is due, but it sounds like your period and ovulation might have been delayed a couple of weeks this cycle. A test using first morning pee would now have a pretty good chance of being accurate, but another test next weekend might be necessary. Do you have other signs like lotion discharge, peeing more, appet_te, acne, smells, aches and pains, b___bs and nips different, all as distince from normal PMS? If it turns out you are not PG, buy your own condoms and make sure they are used every time. Good luck!



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