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lillian123456 - February 8

okay heres the story... my boyfriend and i were having s_x for the 4th time this month and we're not stupid so we did use a condom, but the thing is the last time we had s_x the condom broke. he stopped right away and didnt keep going. he didnt ejacualte or anything but im worried about the prec_m which may contain sperm. also the condom broke outside of me;; apparently he said he pulled it out and did it too fast and it snapped and broke and he stopped right there. i know the chances are really slim. i went to the pharmcy to get emergency contraception pill but it was suppose to be taken within 72 hours but i took it around the 75th hour. the chances are really slim, but the only problem is I DONT HAVE MY PERIOD!!!! i was suppose to get it 4 days ago but because my periods are always late im not sure. but i heard stress can affect your period or perhaps miss it. so i just want to know you ladies out there think and your opinion on this, do you think im pregnant? and what should i do THANKS!


xoxticiaxox - February 8

only thing you can do...take a test!


ChattyKathy - February 8

Your chances are slim, but if you're worried or your period continues to be late then you should test. For future reference, make sure that the condom has a little bit hanging off at the tip. This helps so it wont break easily. If the problem is that the condom is really tight then he should consider getting larger condoms.


lillian123456 - February 9

okay but its been a week now and today at school i noticed during gym that i was bleeding but im not sure if its a period cause because theres not as much blood or spotting cause i heard spotting is light and usually pinky colour. so my question is how long does the spotting occur


Grandpa Viv - February 10

Lillian, the EC pill you took is heavy duty hormones which will mess with your cycle for several weeks, and may even cause signs of pregnancy. It can be effective up to 120 hours. Test weekly if you wish, but I doubt you are pregnant. If your condom accident happened after ovulation (day 14 of 28), then the chance is negligible. Good luck!



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