Help Please Im Worried

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Jazz_ - January 16

im sorry if this is sick or TMI but im worried. iv got a very slight light brown discharge when i wipe.. does anyone know what this is?


rl- - January 16

It is most prolly normal but it might not hurt to put a call into your far along are you?


Jazz_ - January 16

well its kinda difficult and confusing atm coz it hasnt been confirmed properly that i am. but me and my boyfriend think i am coz of the symptoms and stuff. if i am, im in my 9th week.


Jazz_ - January 16



Grandpa Viv - January 16

Brown is old blood. Maybe the fetus is squeezing a little left over lining out as it grows. Are you taking prenatal vitamins or at lest checking your diet for folate? Good luck!


ChattyKathy - January 16

If its dingy colored "stuff" then thats called spotting. Its normal in pregnancy. If it worries you, don't freak out, just relax. And at your 9th week? Take that test already! Get to the doctor, hun. You need an exam and get to do all the fun stuff like see when you get to hear the heartbeat.


babii_boo91 - January 16

How far along are you?


Jazz_ - January 17

its like tan kinda coloured. but iv had nothing today but thick white stuff =/


rl- - January 17

well Jazz you really need to get to a doctor it is very important that you get prenatal care from the beginning to ensure a healthy baby so please go to a clinic most states have a health dept and offer free or low cost medical care so please check it out good luck


AdamsGurl - January 17

i dont want to scare you but thats what i get b4 i get my peroid... although you could be spotting with is common during pregnancy


babyonboard16 - January 18

i had that around then a lot but then again i had a threatened miscarriage at 6 weeks


CAROL - January 18

I had spotting at 9 weeks, 12 weeks and 16 weeks and yeah, it's disturbing whether it's light tan or bright red. You need to go to your doctor and get your pregnancy confirmed so you can start proper prenatal care. The first trimester is the most critical time of your pregnancy where you need to take precautions and vitamins (though you need to through the whole preg.), and you are almost out of it. Make an appointment at a clinic today. Tell them about the spotting. You may be an u/s and you would be able to see the baby's heart flickering on the screen by now.



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