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263782 - August 19

I recently have found reason to believe i'm pregnant.I have talked to the dad,my boyfriend,he totally great about it, and we've sorted everything out but the problem of telling my parents.I have to do it by the end of this month regradless thanks to a promise i made to my sister,the thing is i'm starting school this monday and she seems to think it will be less stressful for everyone if i tell them before i start highschool.I think i should wait till the end of this month which would be after my first week of school.I want to wait because then i will have more solid evidence that im pregnent other then i've missed my period for about a month and half.I would just take a pregnancy test but its hard to get one cause me and my boyfriend have 0 money right now and i don't want my parents to find out till im ready to tell them.So my question is should i wait till the end of the month as originally planed,or should i tell them before i start school?


jelly94 - August 19

You should tell them before school because when you get into school they can get you into a lot of programs that will help you with your pregnancy and help you learn how to take care of your baby. But maybe in your school they don't allow pregnant girls so maybe if your schools like that don't wait cause it will make a bigger problem. When my dad found out i could have been pregnant he actually bought me a pregnancy test. You might think your parents might not do that but you never know so you just need to try


csws347 - September 3

Don't wait. It's hard, but your baby needs immediate prenatal care. If they freak out, stand your ground. I know some parents try to force their children to have abortions. Don't let that happen. You can either have this baby, it will be tough, but you can do it. Or you can put the baby up for adoption. There are people out there that would give everything to have a baby. Read the forums on lost pregnancies, and you will realize there are a lot of loving parents out there that can't have children of their own, and eventually they adopt. I hope everything works out.


V9653 - September 5

If you are a month and a half late that would make you approximately 10 weeks. Prenatal care is important from the very beginning of pregnancy because everything that could go wrong usually does so withing the first trimester. For example, getting folic acid is helping to make sure there are no neural tube defects like Spina Bifida. I don't know if you know what spina bifida is but it is where the baby's neural tube (around the spinal cord) doesn't seal off the right way. Usually kids you see in a wheelchair who are hunched over and look like they have no voluntary control over there bodies are kids with spina bifida. This prevention is essential in like your 5th week, and nowadays young women don't eat a lot of leafy greens and fortified cereals that contain these vital nutrients. Now your lack of prenatal care does not mean flat out that your baby is messed up, but the sooner you get to the doctor the better chance they have to check and give you the care you need for prevention. WHen it comes to problems in a pregnancy, things like when you tell your parents turns out to be trivial-as you will learn when you become a mom and look back on this. You need to tell a responsible adult even if it isn't your parents so that you can first go get a test-they sell them at the frigging dollar store! Someone would be willing to loan you the money for that. Then you need to realize that you and your boyfriend thought you were mature enough for s_x so you need to be mature enough to prepare for this baby-I'm guessing you are underage so the things you need to prepare for this baby are going to have to be with the help and consent of your parents. I hope you've told them by now.



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