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Sammie - October 20

I did a master Plaster Pregnancy test about 10 minutes ago and it says if one line appears then no and if 2 does then yes. The problem is 1 definate line appeared and one faint line. i hope im pregnant but can anyone clarify it for me please?


Grandpa Viv - October 20

Not familiar with this test, but generally a second faint line within the time limit specified is considered positive. Repeat the test after a few days, your hormone levels should be higher and the line darker. Good luck!


Sammie - October 20

Ok i shall do that! I have done 2 and they both have gone the same way. it doesnt say on the guide or anything about faint lines, just says about 1 or 2 or none at all. Im so glad you replied im in bits!


Casey - October 21

hey, i suggest that u wait 2 days then take another one but i think u could be pg as long as the faint line was in the time i think its usually 5 mins after taking the test. good luck


Erin - October 21

Sammie, Any line is a positive sign! It depends on how late you are on how high your HCG levels will be which is what the test is looking for. I have been pregnant 3 times. my first two had dark lines 2-3 days after missing my period. my third was a faint line 2 weeks after missing my period. If you are only a few days late I wouldnt be concerned, but if you are a few weeks late(and you have normal cycles) please call your doctor because my third pregnancy ended up being an eptopic pregnancy. I would call your doctor either way but I would say you are definitly pregnant! Good Luck and congratulations!


Sammie - October 23

thankyou for all your help! I am going to do another one on tuesday and see what that says but im going to get a clear blue or something. Thanks for the realy positive comments and advice. Keep posting then ill keep you all updated :). Sammie


?? - October 23

how old are you


Sammie - October 23

17 why?



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