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noah - October 23

im 16 and i love my girlfriend very much.... she is 25 days late has 2 "+" pregnancy tests and has jsut about every sign..... idk if i didnt meantion but... IM 16!!! how hard is it to raise a child... we are both against abortion and believe that u cant run from a problem.. can any1 out there tell me what im getting my self into...


hali - October 23

well honey you should of thought about this situation before you decided to have s_x. because eve if you were using a condom she still can get pregnant. you also could think about adoption.


Jbear - October 24

You and your girlfriend are going to be facing a lot of tough decisions and you're going to hear a lot from people about what you should have done. It's not going to be easy for either of you, especially for your girlfriend, because she's the one whose body will change, who would have to deal with the situation even if you decided to just walk away, who everyone will be able to look at and tell that she's a teen parent. I know people who got pregnant at your age, got married, and are working hard to provide for their families now. I also know women who had babies at a young age and are still living in their parents' homes when they're almost 30, because of a lack of education and resources. You and your girlfriend are going to have to talk about what you want to do, either keep the baby or consider adoption. Once you figure out what you're going to do, you and your girlfriend will need to talk to your parents and hers. It's not going to be easy, but you are more of a man for facing the situation than a lot of grown men I've known.


To Noah - October 24

Scared huh? You should be! Why didn't you people just put protection on? It costs what? $8.00 for a whole box? Hopefully you will have learned a lesson. How hard is it to raise a baby? Are you kidding? It cannot be put into words. That answer would be pages and pages long. It's the hardest thing there is. What else is there to say?


CAROL - October 24

Prepare yourself, Noah! Soon you'll be bombarded with requests from "women" offering to take your baby!


Bonnie - October 24

You know what people, what's done is done. At least the guy is trying to deal with it and not running away like a lot of dead-beat guys do. At least he is trying to face it, so let's cut him a little slack, eh? ......To: Noah, well I'm afraid there is no easy answer to this. And I am a firm believer that you and your g/f should do what you feel is right whether that is adoption, abortion, or trying to raise the child. In the end, no one (regardless of what any extremist will tell you) has the right to tell you both what to do. I commend you for seeking out advice (those this Web site has too many trolls for any good advice) and trying to do the right thing. If she has gotten a "+" she is 99.9% pregnant. Since you said she took the test twice, that pretty much clears up any doubts. The first thing you should both do is sit down and discuss together what your plan is. Next, you both need to tell your parents (difficult as that may be). She will need to see a doctor fairly soon if you both plan to keep the child. You can also contact family services for your options as well. I'm afraid that raising a child is incredibly tough, there really is no easy way to it. It's a very tough job (though at the same time it is amazing as well). If you and your g/f decide to keep the child, please...whatever you do....keep your wonderful att_tude about doing the right thing. The of the child always when you make your decisions. It's a very tough road, but one that you can definately handle. Accidents can happen and there's no point looking at the hindsight "woulda, shoulda, coulda's". You are in the situation now, and while it is gonna be very tough, it is doable and you have the oportunity to be a great dad (should keeping the baby be your choice). Good luck Noah and take care of your g/f and that baby. :)


noah - October 24

i will have to all no that i did wear a condom.... and it broke... im not stupid i didnt want this to happen... but i am not going to run from this i have health insurance and i have a pretty good job for being 16.. 15$ an hour, but yes for all those who have something to say i wore protection


squirt - October 25

all i can say is i wish i could help, i havedone child care for 2 and a half years and i have no kids yet! i am 19yrs i have been with my boyfriend now fionsay for almost 4 yrs his sister just had a baby she is just turned 18 and my best friend had one too she is 20, it will be a little hard at first but dont worry too much because you were probly going to have kids latter any way, if i was you i would sit down with your parents and exsplain it to them what happened, belive it or not ypur parents SHOULD help you through it.



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