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Sarah - June 2

I took a test three in fact and they are all positive!


SM - June 2

Congrats Sarah! You and your DH are embarking on a very exciting journey. Make sure that you are taking pre-natals and get a doctors appointment within the next week or two for an initial pregnancy appointment. Good Luck to you and your DH!


Audrey - June 2

Sarah- Congrats! Now the fun begins. Take vitamins that contain at least 0.6 mg folic acid (prevents birth defects) and avoid eating certain foods like processed meats and soft cheese (feta, brie) because they can have bacteria in them. A good resource is the book "What to Expect When you're Expecting".


hbmw - June 3

OMG what to expect when you are expecting is the most patronizing book ever! dont get it! get The pregnancy book and the birth book by dr sears.


Lisa - June 3

Dont buy your money, you wil need every The internet is fantastic resource for can find ANYthin you need to know, if you dont want to read it straight away, print it out and read it later. :o)


Kelly - June 6

This is such a tough situation. It makes me so sad to read all of these posts because I was in the same position when I was your age and made a really dumb decision and had an abortion. Please keep thinking about the baby that is growing in you. You are recognizing that this is not just a problem, but a real, live child. If you aren't ready to raise a baby, that's very understandable, but at least let somebody else raise the baby who would love it. Don't kill this child because your boyfriend says to or you are will regret it for the rest of your life. My husband and I have been praying for a baby for a while, and it's so hard to hear about moms to be who just throw babies away. What sounds like a nightmare to you (maybe) could be such a gift to someone else. Please contact me if you have questions or need help... [email protected]


To Kelly - June 6

How do you know this is a tough situation, maybe she wants the baby. I have seen several of your posting and while I understand you really want a baby, it seems to me that you are pressuring these girls!


Actually - June 6

this girl is married. Her and her husband were not planning, but the pregnancy is not going to be an issue.


To Kelly - June 6

Where did you get the impression that this baby is unwanted?



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