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bubblez13 - February 24

hi and my boyfriend have unprotected s_x about twice a month for about a hour..he never pees or anything after he c_ms and im not on birth control.we use the withdrawal method and i've been having s_x for over a year now without protection and ive never gotten pregnant.We had s_x around the 8th and on valentines day this month and my period is now 3 days late..i have been experiencing sore/tender br___ts,weird feelings in my abdomen,and mood swings..but no implantation bleeding,fatigue,or nausea/dizziness.I took a pregnancy test today and it came back negative..what should I do?!Im so scared..mayb im just worrying to much tho..nd plz dont say anything smart cuz im not here for here for ADVICE.thx :/


amanda17 - February 24

Why are people under the impression that peeing after s_x makes the slightest difference? Anyway if the test said negative then that's what it is. But good lord, get on some birth control!!


Grandpa Viv - February 25

The 8th was probably ovulation day. You are now late (big sign) with a few other symptoms. How about peeing more, wet down there, appet_te, smells, fav. foods, dreams, acne different, or other signs? Take another test on Sunday using first morning pee. Some pregnancies do not give a positive until 2 weeks late. Good luck!


pinkk - February 26

Maybeeeeeeee you should use a condom next time. As i was reading it I thought oh, maybe you want to be pregnant. But then you said you were scared. It's kind of understandable to have unprotected s_x a few times, but over the course of a year and not using a condom once? thats just not safe. If you're not pregnant now you're sure going to be soon.


Teddyfinch - February 27

wait a week and test again. if you aren't wanting a baby, don't use the withdraw excuse as protection. use something real and not imaginary.



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