Here S One For The Teens Who Want To Get Pregnant

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Lillie E - January 18

i'm just wondering why you girls are trying to get pregnant? i'm not going to say your stupid or try to knock you down for it, i'm really just curious.


Tammy - January 19

I didnt really want to get pregnant, at least not at first but everyone around was getting pregnant and so it didnt seem so bad and the boy I was with at the time didnt like using protection. Not exactly a logical reason but thinking about it I was looking at least at first for the experence then it was all about that tiny little life that depended so totaly on me. I live in a small town and BC for girls under 17 is almost unheard of. My own mom had me when she was very young (13) and hasnt been "reluctant" to continue having children. Its unfortunate that its been so easy to get pregnant. I guess at least here I am unusual in that so far I've only had two children at 16. Several of my friends have more.


shaylanrae - January 19

wait, she said shes not knocking anyone, meaning she isnt against it, nor does she have a problem.. she just wanted to know why.. get different reasons.. chill out...


Mommy - January 19

Tammy. I'm 17 and I have 2 kids myself. If you ever want to chat my screen name is zaneandlogansmommy on yahoo. Any other teens with kids or are pregnant feel free to IM me or E-mail me at the same place. I will get back to you asap. Goodluck.


alice_mommy - January 19

i got pregnant, so that i could have a break from college - which i hated... i was already 18 though, which seems a bit older compaired to others on here. but i really had always wanted a baby... since i was about 14 or 15, and seriously wanted one, not just the "oh that's cute" kinda' way. i wanted the responsibility, the love and to give birth to a beautiful baby, toddler and person! i love it. my little girl is almost 2, and she is my world, and i think i made the correct choice, and wouldnt change it for the world!!!!


Lillie E - January 19

see, i understand the not really wanting to get pregnant, and being old enough to where it is your decision, what i don't understand is why these little girls are coming on here asking how to get pregnant and saying they want to when they're still too young to fully understand what it means to be a mother



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