Hey All Little Update And A Few Questions

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babii_boo91 - December 9

So as some of you know me it Ashley Dominik and Bellas mom The kids are doing great! Dominik is fast approaching being three (jan) and Bella is going to be one the 21st of this month! I cant believe how much has changed in our lives since having Bella, I have moved out on my own with the kids recently as things with Jonathon where only getting worse, the contstant fighting and inability to establish common ground with our parenting methods and values has us always on bad terms so I decided that it was best I did this alone; atleast for now Now I do have a problem; My periods have been regular and im on the pill i missed a pill a few moths back and bled for a few days i did to go the dr to figure out what it was and he said it was caused by me not taking my pill and just to restart my pack when i was done bleeding I did this, well my period came nov 2 as expected and with getting ready for the move i missed a few pills and i started to bleed the 23rd i only bled for a day and then just stopped taking my pill althougher now im usually fertile the 16th of everymonth during the break up jon and i where still intimate and we did have s_x the 16th unprotected, now that ivbe moved to a different town i met up with someone i use to date in grade school and we hooked up the 7th and then last night when i looked to see if the 23rd was counted as a period i learned that i would be fertile the 7th im kinda worried as it was unprotected, i know how this site can get with the name calling and what not and i would first off like to say that this baby would be welcomed by me and depending on the father would also be welcomed to, im finicially set and everything so i dont need that lecture, please if you cant offer me any help with my question please continue on to someone else's question as i dont need the stress of bad replies thank you


babii_boo91 - December 9

Also since about the 6th i have been having cramps, and my breats are very sore (something i didnt have during either of my pregnancies)


angelmonkey - December 11

hey ashley glad you updated.....there is a where is every one thread that lots have updated on if you wanted to have a look at ect.......i dont think i can help you much with your quiestion........maybe do a test and if it was positive try and figure it out when you have a scan and they tel you how far gone you are


Advice Girl - December 11

I would just get the test but that's just me. or a blood test


babii_boo91 - December 11

hey angel glad to hear from you ill take a look at that thread =) i just didnt wanna test to early you know what i mean? and get a false neg, but i think ill test today and then again after xmas thank you


Advice Girl - December 11

sounds like a plan sweets i know wut you mean by a false reading


babii_boo91 - December 12

took one today and got a neg,, so i guess we will see


Advice Girl - December 14

oh im sorry that it came out negative sweetie...who knows you might still get lucky


angelmonkey - December 23

hey ashley congrats i seen your posts on facebook.......wow 3 kids....im worried another with no.2 on the way lol, good luck keep us updated



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