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here4you24 - January 17

I have had two babies, and I maybe know a few things, so I just wanted to offer...... if you have any questions I'll give it a shot. I understand what it's like to not have a mom to talk to, and so, if you need an older sister for a few months.... I'd like to be there for you. If you want to e-mail..... annioretta..... it's at hotmail.


18wbabynov - January 18

hi, how old are you? im 19, and have a 2 month old little girl... the light of my world! but i dont have a mom - she's a crazy woman...literally- i do have a really good family besides her, but sometimes, i need outside opinions... where are you from? right now im trying to decide if my little one needs to eat cereal or not. she is big for her age, and developing ahead of schedule, but she seems to be starving every night before bed... she also wakes up to eat in the middle of the night... which im told is normal for her age, but not for how big she is... my aunt says to just try cereal at night, but she is only 2 mos... what would u do? when did u start cereal with your kids?


apr - January 18

188babynov-sorry to b___t in, but no no no!!! ur baby does NOT need cereal at 2 months! my baby was big for his age too, but at that age u dont give anything besides b___st milk or formula. the fact that shes waking up at night is not because ur not giving her cereal. she needs to eat every few hours b/c shes a baby. maybe you can give her some extra formula before she goes to bed if ur nursing. also try a bath before you want her to go to bed and then give her the last bottle. thats wat made my baby realize that he has to sleep at night. hes 5 months now and he totally knows his schedule now. 7:30-bath bottle, and bed. do not start cereal before 4 months and even then please ask the ped first. my baby is 5 months and big for his age and i started cereal at 4 months and stopped. technically babys dont need anything besides milk b4 6 months. cereals are usually added if the baby is not gaining enough


invisiblepress18 - January 18

hey here4you, I posted just recently but I wanted to hear what you thought. Heres what I posted: Hey I'm new at this so please excuse me. I'm 18 and I'm engaged. We aren't trying to have a baby, if it happens it happens and we are happy either way because we can support the baby. My question is I was on Kariva progestin-only pill for 3 years and recently wen off it for five months. I had a period in August and October but not since then. I started the pills Jan. 3rd and I had unprotected s_x the 14th. On the 14th I thought I took my pill but later that night I found it and took it then. From what I've been reading it says its only effective for 24 hours. Does anyone know anything about this and what do you think my chances are that I could possible get pregnant from this? I know its too early to tell anything but just wondering what your opinions are. I didn't get thinking of it till the other day. Thanks for your help.



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