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Sydneysmommy4 - October 17

Hey! I'm Ashley! I'm 17 years old a junior in high school! I found out i was pregnant with my first baby when i was 14! She is 3 (4 in July)! She means the world to me! I'm still with the baby's daddy. We said that we didn't want to have anymore kids right now but i found out that i am pregnant with triplets! I'm due March 6th. (their with the same guy) but i don't know what to do. My boyfriend is 22 has got a very good paying job so money is not an issue but i'm goin be a mom of 4 in March! Any advice? Let me know!!


may - October 27

if ur for reals you could look in to adoption


CAROL - October 28

If you have a good support system around you, it'll make the burden of having that many children easier. It'd be difficult on any adult, let alone a teenager! There's probably a teen mothers support group in your area, and it'd probably be worth it to check it out. If anything, you'll be able to spend time with other women who are going through the same struggles and situations as you are. You might even find someone who's willing to do a lil babysitting for you, as well.


Me too - October 28

Hey I am 17 too and I have 2 babies! I may be pregnant again but I have to give it till Tuesday. Both my boys are under 2 and they are not twins. If I am pregnant again I will be a mom of 3 when I am 18. My husband is the father to them both and this one as well if I am. It can be hard with 2 let alone 4! I am hoping to have a girl this time if I am pregnant. Just be strong because when they are little it will be easier but once thy're all mobile...well you have a child so you know lol. Goodluck to you and your babies. If you have yahoo messanger and want to talk you can give me you screen name and I'll give you mine.


amber - October 29

I don't want this to come off the wrong way.Are you familiar with the whole site?There is a forum for woman pregnant with muliples.I think you would benifit from jumping back and forth from both in different ways.Good luck with your bundles of joy!


Hi Syd - October 29

Money is about to become an issue three babies at once is very expensive. I hope you do have a support system because you are going to need alot of help, but it will be all worth it! Good Luck to you.


sara - October 30

I would say you are three times blessed!!! What an amazing experience no matter what the age! If I were in your place I would look into help from Goodwill and your local a__sistance office with getting together the baby gear you'll need. Also look into WIC with help for formula. Best wishes!!!! Sara



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