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bex - November 17

Hey my name is becca i used to come on here alot when i was pregnant. I'm 16 and from England,Cambridge, I have a daughter called Paris-Summer shes 8 months and 1 week old shes my life i love her so much you wouldnt believe im so glad that i have her i just want to say to all you mothers to be good luck and i hope your happy with your blessing its hard but so worth it .This is to the haters and arrigont people out there shut up because your word cant hurt me (us) because we know you lot dont know what your talking about maybe its jealousy i dont know but i dont give a shit what you say about teenage mothers because my daughter has everything she need and wants and i love her more then life its self i would do ANYTHING for her. Any way just keep you chins high and be happy with your child and dont listen to the small minded twats our there visit my website www.xXxiloveparisxXx.piczo.com


erica - November 17

Becca let me just say your daughter, well shes BEAUTIFUL!! Im 19 and just gave birth to a lil boy and I thought that was hard. You must have so much love for your little girl and b.f just from what I read on the site, good luck with it all!!


To Becca - November 18

I don't think any adult on here thinks anything else of tenn mothers. What we are trying to say is why be in such a rush to have a baby. Use birth control and enjoy your childhood. That's all they are saying. And please don't say that we don't know what we're talking about, we've all been teenagers before and know exactly what you're going through. I'm not saying this to get a rise out of you but by you saying that does show your age. I do wish all of you teen mothers the best but when and adult gives you advise it's because they know what they are talking about it's just maybe they do it in a way that sounds like they are talking at you not to you. Best of luck to you Becca


Breezy - November 18

hey im 13 and just gave birth to twins naturally and omg did it hurt but i love little girls sooooo much its hard but im getting used to getting up early and b___stfeedindg and changing diapers an my bf is sooo suportive i moved in with him and his mom when i was 5 months


Med Student - November 24

I'm very glad that you chose to keep your baby. I'd rather a teen keep her baby or do the adoption route than get an abortion and ruin her life. Good for you, your little one sounds lovely. My youngest sister-in-law had her first at 18, and she is a great mom. Oh, and by the way, kids "need" very little. They'd rather have a parent who loves them and gives them attention than anything else. Keep up the good work!


vdsf - November 28

great sit from all the piczo sitews ive seen yours is the best n uve got the cutist baby


Angel - November 28

hey bex, this may sound strange but i know you and you dont know me hehe. My friends on the net know you. I would like to talk to you if you've got msn or anything like that. msn addy is [email protected] Your site is great and paris is beautiful! just wanna say well done!


to lisa - December 4

i think your wrong about becca/bex she seems very mature and the way she writes is almost perfect i think you should give her a break


to bex - December 4

I'm glad you love your daughter & your decision. I certainly don't know you as an individual, so I can't judge you. But in my own life at least, I'm glad I've wait to have a child 'til now (I'm 30). In my teens, I went to school, early twenties finished college, mid-twenties partied, danced, went out with my friends all the time, and mid to late twenties I went across the country & became an environmental activist, did amazing things (like living in trees, hopping freight trains, hitch-hiking adventures, went to Mexico on a whim, etc.), & now I've made the choice to settle down, and I feel I have those experiences & knowledge & years of chronologically acquired maturity to satisfy my soul that I have a whole hella of a lot more to offer my child now than I would have even five years ago. I'm certainly not jealous of you, nor am I trying to make you jealous of me. Again, I'm glad to hear you & your child are doing well together. Take care.


charli - December 30

Becca she is a stunner!!! Good on ya for goin thru with the pregnancy. I was 15 when i had my lil boy! 18 now tho. me and my fiancee recently went to England Manchester, we live in Perth, Australia.


to lisa - December 30

Look life is as simple or as complicated as you make it. Life in perspective is all the way you see it. some people see it differently and you need to accept that. So what if shes young, so what if she hasnt yet experienced certian things, that is for her to see not for you to force upon her. You had your own reasons for not having a child at a young age just as others have their reasons to have children young. My mother was 22 when I was born and shes had two other children now shes in her early 40's and just started her a__sociates in Accounting last year. Just because she had a child young does'nt mean anything just that she might have to wait a while for things. My mother is my hero shes strong and she has three children and is beginning her career, she still has years ahead of her and no regrets. I just dont get it how some people like you think that you have it all figured out. Bex your right some of them are jealous. There is no need for a relaity check Lisa for anyone but yourself. Everyone has their own beleifs and reasoning and life is all what you make it...so to you how long are you going to wait to start living yours and stop worrying about looking correct in societys eyes. Oh and I'm 18 almost 19 and if you have anything to say about my maturety level I think you need to check yourself first because you obviously have security problems. <3 Ash


To the 30 yr old *sry no name* - December 30

See we need more people like you in here because you know enough about yourself to know that you have no place to judge people. Your right you were mature enough and ready for a child. The world needs more of you <3 Ash


- December 30

I don't have a problem with her living her life to her satifaction.What I have a preblem is it comes off as glorifing teen motherhood.If you support teens planning pregnancy's then be my guest.I wouldn't trade place with her for the world.TO THE LAST"TO LISA"As far as having no regrets,Of course she wouldn't tell you.She most likely think it would hurt your feeling if you think she wished she hadn't had you.It is part of being a good mother.


- December 30

All mother love their childern. just maybe wish you had them a few years later.


maria - December 30

Let me get this strait.For 8 months the only thing you have done is take care of your daughter.That is easy.The sad truth is we all live in a world that doesn't let us be young for to long.Yes,some woman may be jealous that you can devote all you time to her but I am sure they wouldn't be jealous when you are 20 and not even finished highschool.Come back when you work,Pay all your own bills yourself and have to clean a house/appartment by yourself and take care of a child.Then promote teen pregnancy.I am all for supporting and helping teens who didn't plan to get pregnant.Just because it CAN be done DOESN'T mean it should.Am I the only one who sees that?


bex - January 22

Wow wow wow, youve all got the wrong i dea im not promotin it in th e slightist im just saying how im doing i dont think young girls should be getting pregnant either and even more so if there planned. I'm sorry if ive effended anyonethat wasnt my intension.To maria i dont just looik after her all day i do everything u think i dont do look i didnt want posts like this but you know its your opinioun and i resect that so take care all xxx


Ash - January 22

awwwww bex ur daughter so cutee ! bless xx



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