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sweet16ash - May 31

I am 16 and expecting around Jan.7th. My mom is being very supportive of me and going to help me so I finish school and everything. I had blood work done 2x and i am going for a U/S on the 7th and supposed to go get the results from my bloodtest and the U/S on the 17th but the doctor called today and wants to see me Saturday to go over my tests. Hoping nothing is wrong but of course I am worried. Anyways wanted to introduce myself and hope to make some new friends here as we venture threw the pregnancy road together. My name is Ashley by the way.


krista-lee - May 31

hey ashley : ] im also 16. its VERY good your parents are supportive and helping you, mine were shocked at first and now they cant wait :) i was due May 26th, so im 5 days overdue. good luck at your appointment, and if something was wrong, then im sure they'd have you come in ASAP :) dont worry


sweet16ash - May 31

Thanks Krista-lee and good luck to you. Hope that baby of your's arrives soon. The doctor did want to see me tomorrow night but I am just starting work and i don't think it would be good to take the first night off so I scheduled my appt for Saturday. Thanks again, and good luck, can't wait to read the board with great news from you.


aly - June 1

hey ashley! im also knew , well im 19 weeks now and im 19. my mom is also very supportive which really helps me with a lot. Im also going to go back to school and continue to have a normal life! is your babys father involved? mine isnt so im glad i do have support of family and friends. im sure everythings going to be fine with the blood work!! good luck -alyssa


charlotte_1992 - June 1

hey ashely, im also new on this forum. i'm 17 weeks pregnant and my moms is been really supportive too, even though im so young. im glad your mom is supporting u, im sure it will make such a big difference. im stayin at school too.


whiskeydog38 - June 3

Hey Ashley. That's good you're mom is supportive of you. Mine is too. If you need to talk or need any questions answered you can email me at crazies_girl@hotmail.com. I'm 15 and 26 weeks pregnant


young_mum_2_b - June 3

hi ashley...glad ur mum is supportive..so's mine...my baby girl is due in 4 weeks...my name is Jae and I'm 17...good luck with your pregnancy :D


sweet16ash - June 8

Hi everyone. Thanks for the welcome. I went for my u/s yesterday and everything looks great and the baby is right on schedule. 9 1/2 weeks. I will probably get another one done between 18-20 wks and I hope they tell me the gender to make it easier with me being so young. Yes I am still with the father, he is staying with us right now. Hope to get to know you guys better and good luck to everyone on there pregnancies. <3 Ashley


jamie-lynn1988 - June 8

hey Ashley i'm glad everything is fine and glad 2 hear that u'r baby is doing great i was 15 when i had kaylie marie and right know she's 3 fixing 2 be 4 on 8th uf july i'm a single mom and i study my mom or sometimes day-care babysit kaylie they are berry supportive with me i don't know what i would do without my mum i love her 2 death and i love my daughter alot she means the world 4-me well i'm glad i got 2 intruduce my self soo keep u'r :0)head up ok girlie ... bye ...JAMIE-LYNN :O)~


midnight_drift - June 8

Hey =) I am 17, turning 18 in July and I am 13 weeks pregnant. My mom is really supportive of me too, and she is excited. I can't say the same about the rest of my family, but hey who needs em! I am still with the father as well, and infact, we're getting married on Monday! Good luck!


angel leigh - June 10

Hey ashley, im knew 2, im rly glad your parents r supportive! Im 11 weeks pregnant nd my parents r still tryin 2 accept it. I dnt know if they ever will, i am not with my baby's dad, i dnt know how 2 deal with him sumtimes, he changes his mind constantly nd generally just wont grow up but Im sure its all goin 2 be ok, if u wanna chat my email is jenna_128_569@hotmail.com, congrats on evry1's pregnancies! x x


Ashleyjcw - June 10

Hi Ashley, im new as well. My name is Ashley and I am also 16,I will be 17 in July. This is my second pregnancy! My first son is 2 years old and was placed in an open adoption at birth. I still see him and stuff though,so its not so bad. I am now 31 weeks with a little boy.Congrats!


claudia perdomo - June 11

hi there ahley its good to hear ur mother is being supportive bout everything but i have a question wut about the babies father is he there w/ u?? and well im new here to hope to hear from u soon!! **claudia**


whenshe - June 11

hey you.. i'm 19 and i'm due january 10th, pretty close to your due date.. :)



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