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kittiekitten - February 11

hi, i am not going to tell you that you shouldnt be having kids, its your body. the only thing i hope you realize is that not all pregnancies go as planned. I have lost 3 children now. i lost my first 4 months after i turned 16, he wasnt planned, my other 2 i lost last year, i was 20. the only reason i post this is because after my first loss, i completely lost it emotionally. i got into drugs the 2 years following his passing away bc i couldnt handle my emotions. i am not saying that if you do have a m/c or what have you that you will do the same, but i just want you to look at both sides of the situation. i hope those of you who do get pregnant dont have to go what i went through. i wish you all the best. ps- it helps to do a little bit of reading online and in books so you can understand the way your body works, i wish i would have known a few years ago what i know now. kittie


Noodle - February 12

i had a miscarriage last year when i was 17. and it crushed me. it did and i became very depressed and i wanted a baby really badly after that. i was desperate to have a baby after that. but i didnt get into drugs and i refused to understand anyone elses views. so people take everything differently. im still with my fioncee even now, and were due a baby in two weeks. and despite the fact that i have had a terrible pregnancy, it has been worth it. and yeh, im only 18 but me and my fionce are also financially supporting this child and are very happy to be having her. she is wanted. the thing is, when you write stuff about having miscarriages etc, you scare the life out of the girls here who are pregnant.miscarriages scare the life out of me now i have had one. i hope that no one goes through a miscarriage as it does crush you completely, and im very sorry for your losses.


kittiekitten - February 12

my intention was not to scare anyone, just wanted people to realize that not everytime it goes perfectly, and it is hard but if you are aware of that and willing to take the risk, then good luck to you and yours. i am not against teen pregnancy, i know a girl who got pregnant on purpose at the age of 15 and she has done a great job raising her child, better then some adults i know, and her 2nd child is due next weekend and i have no worries that she will continue being a great mother. i am sorry if i did scare anyone and i do wish you ladies the best of luck. kittie



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