High Temps After Ovulation

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kendra.marie - October 25

is this a sign of pregnancy?


jennifer_33106 - October 25

No not necessarily. Thats how your ovulation date is pinpointed though a rise in temps. The only clear sign is a positive pgy test. Also so you know, if the temp falls alot right before AF, it is usually a signal she is coming. GL andI hope to see your BFP soon!


kendra.marie - October 25

no. no. nvm. sry i didnt do this ? right. ive found my answer & yes my temps are a sign of pregnancy.


ChattyKathy - October 25

Not necessarily, kendra. High temps only show that you have already ovulated. If your temp does not drop when you expect your period, THEN it is a sign of pregnancy. but I will tell you my post O temps when I wasn't preg were higher than when I was because sometimes you can get major implantation dips, which is what I experienced.


EMMA2 - October 26

Yes, it certianly is a sign of pregnancy. If you are indeed pregnant and have pinpointed "o" your temp will remain high throughout your entire pregnancy ..If your temp does drop then AF will most likely come knockin'.


HeavenisMine - October 26

Your temps can stay high after ovulation, it is only a sign of pregnancy usually if they stay high, sometimes during implantation they drop a bit, but should rise again, if not, most likely your period is due.


Malica - October 27

With all due respect Kendra, you need to take it easy. Just as we have warned so many panicked girls that worry and stress can delay their period (when they suspect they might be pregnant), stress and worry about it can affect ovulation and conception. This is only your first month of trying and you'd doing a billion things to try and make sure you conceive this month. Why are you stressing yourself out so much? About half of the couples that try to conceive manage do to so within 3 months with nothing more than just having a lot of s_x. Why not just take it easy and try that? I know you're excited to have another one, but being *too* excited as you are will only slow you down in your goal. Good luck!


Missy - October 27

High temps for 18 days is an indication of pregnancy but unfortunately not a definitive answer - there are plenty of women who carry these high temps after O and unfortunately are not pregnant - it may be thyroid, weight, hormones or a combonation of many many things. So to answer your question, yes, higher temps post O FOR A PERIOD OF TIME BEYOND YOUR NORMAL LUTEAL PHASE can be indicative of pregnancy. I looked at your chart - you BDing was OK, you only got in BD 2 and 4 days before O and 1 day after O, so hopefully your bases are covered. Your chart looks like many pregnant and non pregnant charts - its just too early to tell - take a breath, relax and give it a few days to test again. I agree with Malica - odds arent in anyones favor to conceive in 1 month of trying. Now, that being said, I conceived my DD two weeks off BCP. HTH & GL!!!



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