Hmm Just A Bit Confused By Y Ur Here

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star - April 16

i was just wondering how girls who arnt even pregnant cam looking for a site like this does this interest you so much ?? o yea and another Q how many of u are chavs and from england???


maya - April 16

why do u even care. some come to help or to adopt.


Jaq - April 16

ive got a feeling theres plenty of chavs


Kay - April 16

Whats it matter if people are chavs ? I am from england and so what if i was a chav or not ? Whats that got to do with anything can i ask ?


? - April 16

What is a chav?


katie - April 17

r u pregnant?? and maybe some ppl like to try and give helpful advice to other ppl i dunno =\ but im fom n.ireland =D wow im oh so kul lol anyways xxx katie oh yeah and does it really matter if ppl are chaves or not


Nanna Ronni - April 17

STAR As it so obviously intrigues you not all of us are teen mums, I for one am a mother to a teen mum who yes I was once a teen mum now a counsellor working with teens so l come on here to offer any advice I can. Also I question how many in sincere folk come on here and whilst I have nothing against private adoptions I do wonder what sort of monitoring goes on to ensure that the folk advertising to adopt are as sincere as they say. Please dont all jump on me for saying that, but I am an example of how private adoption doesnt always work, as I was adopted at the age of 2 to what appeared to be very respectable middle cla__s people who were both in the teaching profession. Folk might think aaahhhh teachers they can be trusted to look after and bring up a child. Sadly I went o to have a life of hell, s_xual physical and emotional abuse became my way of life from these very acceptable people. So girls I say please make sure you check these folks out as much as you possibly can. And yes I am from United Kingdom. Im not sure of what the meaning of a chav is, but I dont feel it matters who or what folk are, if they need some help or support then they deserve the best that others can offer. Its the ones that dont ask for help are the ones to worry about, and yes there might be some folk who come onto this site and scroll through all the posts to see if anyone is having similar concerns as they are, and by seeing that it gives them the strength and courage to make what sometimes can be extremely difficult and often life changing descisions.


star - April 18

i was just wonderin im a teen mum from england and i no the majority of teen mums in england are chavs i am not thought


Maggie - April 18

Isn't a "chav" an individual with a lack of a formal eduaction?


Nanna Ronni - April 18

Star I have now found out what a chav is LOL. Why do you know that the majority of teen mums in out country are chavs? Surely just because you wear certain clothing and hang around with certain folk doesnt mean that you will fall pregnant, and also even if you do does that make you any a worse mum than anyone else. I dont think so. I dont think you are going to be a bad mum for not being a chave just as mum as I wasnt that bad a mum for being a rock chick. Yes sadly I was young once too. Where abouts in the UK are you?


maya - April 18

what is a freakin chav. then i will hav somethin else to say


star - April 19

nope im not saying they will be bad parents im just sayin that wat it's like around my area i wernt trying to get bef with you chav folk i was just purely interested i ahve a baby to look after and i walk from home :)


Kay - April 19

maya - people cla__s others "chavs" because they wear a certain type of clothing , usually sporty with a cap quite high up , and NO maggie a chav hasnt got a lack of education its just a word for poeple that "act 'ard" 'talk alot of slang' and wear sporty cloths.


u - April 19



robin - April 20

im from England and im not a chav. yeah some of my mates r chavs bcoz they are from a rough area the slums of Reading but its alrite here. i h8 ppl using the word chav bcoz i get really offended by it. and by the way just bcoz ppl r "chavs" doesnt mean theyre gonna have a baby by 13, take drugs, smoke, hang around mc donalds and park benches, act hard, claim benfits and have 12 kids!!!!


star - May 21

:'( im sooooooooooooooooo sorry i just need sum friends dont hate me please


Mony - May 21

People are one here to get advice, give advice and just read up on pregnancy for future reference...I'm in the U.S...hehehe GO FLORIDA!



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