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young n stupid - February 4

hi, my gf is pregnant, n i she is 12 wks n 6 days, according to the due date estimator, and i was wondering how the h__l u break something like this to her parents?, and can u get medicaide at 15?? if u live with ur parents? how? um anything else i should know? im soo scared. im getting stomach ulcers, am i worrying too much?


lunamoo - February 4

How the "hell" are you going to break this to your parents. Well I would suggest that you get parents involved ASAP as they will need to take charge of this situation. Tell your parents and hopefully they will be willing to call and talk to her parents. Thats the best you can do. Medicade will be of no help to you at this point. Parental love and support is what you both need. Good luck!


young n stupid - February 4

but see we both lied to our parents, she told them i was younger than i am, and i told mine she was older.


Grandpa Viv - February 4

You are both too young to be carrying this burden alone. You should have shared with your families some time ago. Be a man and sit down at the kitchen table with her and her mom and say "Jane and I have a problem we need your help with. Believe me, this isn't easy, but we think she is pregnant." You will earn more respect with that approach than with any other. Do it today. Good luck!


young n stupid - February 4

haha, hardly a prank. my parents already know, n cuz the doc told me i had them.


apr - February 4

so listen to what Grandpa Viv said. sorry I accused u of playing around, you've got to understand that there have been so many fakes around lately.


young n stupid - February 4

so i cant et her on medicaide? cuz i cant pay for it, i am currently in debt from my own hospital bills, maybe my tax returns can pay for it. i dunno


ChattyKathy - February 4

She should be covered under her parents insurance, if they have any.


abriamiacadia - February 4

I agree w/ Grandpa Viv. Thats the way me and Nate told mom. We got together and told her. She was disappointed, but now she's excited. Also, she was glad that we had the guts to tell her together...How old are yall? Both 15? So good luck!


young n stupid - February 4

abricambia, how old r u? do u have msn or yahoo?


young n stupid - February 4

will it cost to use insurance? cuz her parents are gonna make me pay, i know, but i cant right now, i got too many bills.


Rachel - February 5

I don't know how it is where you live, but I think in Missouri, if she's covered by her parents insurance I don't think she can get on Medicaid. And how much the hospital bills are will depend on their insurance. I really don't think her parents will make you pay the bills, especially if you're 15 like her, but I do have to say I respect you for being so young and sticking by your girlfriend.


abriamiacadia - February 5

mhm i have yahoo and msn... yahoo is purdypet and msn is bethpl0102 at hotmail dot com


lunamoo - February 5

It^s time to no longer be stupid, you can still be young. Like I said, you need to TELL THE TRUTH to your parents and her parents ASAP and let them take charge and make some decisions. If you don't agree with the adults in your life, it is your decision and your gf to give your child up for adoption. You need the support of the adults here and I really hope you can find that. It might sound strange, but money is the least of your issues. The baby will get medical help if you ask for it and basic needs will be taken care of. You need to look at the bigger picture.


young n stupid - February 5

im not 15, im 18


young n stupid - February 5

thats why it is harder, and she tells me her mum doesnt like me, i dunno why, i diddnt d0 nothing to her. so that kinda makes it harder.


Grandpa Viv - February 5

Her mom does not like you because she has ambitions for her daughter to find something better. Are you planning to go to college? Was she? Do you have the self-confidence to look her mom in the eye and say "I'm going to stick with her through this, and make something of myself into the bargain?' Good luck!



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