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faye - January 22

Rite well im 19 and want a baby.me and boyfriend both want the baby.we are due to get married on 18th of febuary and im wanting till then to have s_x.Weve been together from we were 15.Ive never had s_x.I just want to know what its like having a baby and being a young mum and do i shave/wax my pubs off before having s_x?! Such a dum question to ask lmao but yea..ans soon xoox


Melissa - January 22

My advice would be to enjoy being married for at least up to a year before you make way for child. You should experience life as husband and wife before bringing a little person into the picture. But that's just my opinion. As for the shaving/waxing situation...do whatever is comfortable for you.If you will feel more s_xy with a wax job or shaving everything completely off...then do it! Whatever makes you happy for your special night!...Good Luck


to actually - January 22

in britian it is mum and not mom


to faye - January 22

hi faye. i respect you for making such a strong stand to not have s_x before marriage. however, i agree with melissa that it is really wise to wait a little while before you do have kids. because while you have been together for some years, it is not until you live with each other that you really get to know that person fully. and though they may be small things, there may be little problems/habits that you need to sort out between yourselves - little arguments and tiffs that you can iron out before you bring a baby into your relationship. my husband and i were the same as you and didn't have s_x before marriage. when we were married, there were little things that annoyed each other and it really is pretty stressful learning to live with someone full-time, and it IS really great, but i am thankful for the time that we had together before we had our baby. i think it really benefited our relationship to wait before having a baby. good luck. ps - don't bother about shaving - it only grows back!!


mommy356 - January 22

I am pregnant, 17 and unmarried. The hardest thing is living with my boyfriend, and just wishing we had time to ouselves before she was born. I only have 5 weeks left. I would wait at least a year or two and get to know your husband, and spend time together and just be the two of you before you make an addition. You will be glad you waited.


Jbear - January 22

I agree with everyone, take a little time to have fun as a couple before you become parents. And about shaving or waxing, it's all up to you...if you're really "bushy" you could trim the hair a bit, but if you shave it all off you're likely to get a bunch of red bumps when the hair starts growing back. Your husband is going to be eager enough to have s_x with you that a little hair won't matter one way or another.



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