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lilbit90 - June 12

i just wanted to know if this might be because im might be pregnant...well about two weekz ago me and my boyfriend had s_x and unfortunantly he had busted inside of me and it was probably a few days to a week after i had my period and i read that that is around the time your fertile...well it had been about two since then and im not bleeding again...but itz not like a normal period...its much lighter but it had been for 3 days but light to almost stopping then it will come right back like ill think im really going to start but then it goes right away again....and i was reading about it and i read something about implantation bleending..but i dont know if thats is whats happening or if its something else....it would help alot if i could hear some ones opinion please


Grandpa Viv - June 12

Sounds like you got a full shot about day 10 of your cycle, which is inside the fertile window. Now you are day 24 and experiencing unusual spotting. Sure, there is a chance this is heavy implantation spotting, and you are getting pregnant. There could be other signs like unusual fatigue, appet_te change, more frequent peeing, lotion discharge, pms acting weird. Take a test first morning pee if a full-b__wn period does not show when expected. Good luck!


Teddyfinch - June 13

just because the original poster used a term like "busted" doesn't really mean you need to put things like "full shot" in. please remember your age and post accordingly.


Grandpa Viv - June 13

Teddy, where did you lose your sense of humor?


tish212 - June 13

that is quite disgusting use of the English language from someone who is supposed to be older and show more maturity than the teens on here.... the ONLY way to KNOW that you are pregnant or not is to take a test NO ONE here can tell you .... PMS symptoms and pregnancy symptoms can mimic eachother, and also if you are stressing extremely about pregnancy your body can begin to show signs even though you aren't.... so take a test...and if you don't want to get pregnant...USE A CONDOM, TAKE BIRTH CONTROL OR DON'T HAVE s_x!


Teddyfinch - June 14

i don't find it funny when a guy your age gets gross like that. look in the mirror. you're a white haired old man. what old man says that? speak appropriately for your age and stop lurking in the teen boards to pick up stories for your website. if you don't ask permission (which you can't considering not everyone that posts here puts their email address) then you aren't allowed to use their stories. and i lost my sense of humor and respect for you when you started posting inappropriately. act your age, man.


Teddyfinch - June 14




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