Hoping Everythings Alright

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dom - February 3

Hey...my girlfriend and I have been s_xually active for sometime now. Her period was late by a month once. We were very scared. We should have learned. Now here we are in the same situation except shes late by over a month this time. Shes taken 3 tests. Two of them were taken recently and both came back negative. She had some light bleeding for a while. I dont know what to think anymore. Either way its not good in less sickness and stress can cause such a late period. Around the day she was supposed to get it she contracted a virus and was very sick and now she is very stressed. I hate seeing her worry. I hate knowing shes not getting any sleep at night. Most of all I hate not being able to help her. She has an appointment in a couple of weeks but I dont know if we can wait that long. I just want to know we both have a hope that nothings wrong. Im not necessarily asking for speculation. Im just asking for hope because were careful as heck and the tests always come back negative but we dont know what to make of it. Thanks Dom


freebird - February 3

If the tests are negative chances are that her period is just late due to being sick and stressed out. Although some women don't get positive results on home tests until later in pregnancy (this is kind of rare) I'd say your chances are pretty good that she's not pregnant. That said, use some condoms or get your girlfriend on the pill or she WILL get pregnant one of these days. The odds are not in your favor seeing as you've had 2 scares already.


Grandpa Viv - February 3

Sounds like she might skip ovulation once in a while. If "careful as heck" includes using a condom all the time every time, and staying away from her fertile window, you should be in good shape. Good luck!


ChattyKathy - February 3

Lots of things can effect a cycle. The more she stresses the wackier her periods are going to be. She tested late enough where if she was pregnant it would have shown up, so don't stress out. If anything, she should go to a gynocologist to find out why her periods are so irregular since this has happened before.


Jessika2007 - February 5

not all the time women when there stressed out they don't get there period, hey look at me for instance I have a period twice a month and I have been stressed really bad that I was in the hospital I still got my period not all women deal with stress the same lol.......I was even stressed when I was pregnant with my 3 other kids and look never had a miscarriage and never had any bleeding this is my forth and I have a doctors appointment to tell me how far along I' am so I've never not gotten my period because of stress so not all women can speak for eachother we all go threw things differently.....


aamaria - February 6

it may be more likely that she has some sort of hormonal condition that is making her periods irregular. She'd probably benefit from blood tests to check her hormone levels


ChattyKathy - February 6

Wacky does not necessarily mean a loss of period. It refers to a change in...



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