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GO AT IT - November 17

It seems like pro-life and pro-choice is a hot topic right now. I personally don't care what you are, but I came acroos this site. I would like you ALL to watch this video. It is still the womans decision, but this is an actual video of the aftermath of an abortion. WARNING: IF YOU ARE SQUEAMISH DO NOT WATCH THIS. IT IS VERY DEPRESSING AND IT IS REAL. R-E-A-L.


???? - November 17

where is the site? you didnt post it?


Karen - November 17

lol, yes, I'd like to see this.


ICK I DID HAVE IT - November 17



Karen - November 17

Yeah, that is pretty graphic and distrubing. I don't know who could kill something that they created that is them. I'm 100% pro-life.


Carol - November 17

I am appalled at your attempt to scare people. I am so glad I have my act together..pathetic people.


maria - November 17

I am pure pro-life and I did not need to see the film and Carol please get a life.


Me - November 17

I never said whether I am pro-choice or pro life did I? For all you know I am pro-choice too. I never specified, remember? I xan give you a pro-choice site in a second, too. I just don't because I can't remember the name. Not to mention, these are not scare tactics. What do you think they are doing with thos tools during an abortion? You think they are pulling apart roses and sucking out the petals? I think not.


maria - November 17

your probably gonna attract both it is a hot subjet but you cannot let people like carol get to you..if carol had her act together, she would not be pregnant at 14 with a turkey baster because no man ever wanted her


me - November 18

how many times do people have to post this c___p? Gods sake just mind your own businesses! Its nothing to do with anyone if someone has an abortion!


:( - November 18

i personally dont have a solid stand on this issue... i myself could not have the procedure, but that is MY decision, and if a friend of mine was to want it, then i would support her 100% of the way. (and i hae done so) the thing i am shocked about, is that the government does not cla__s these little miracles "babies" at that stage of development... but how can they say that... clearly seeing those little fingers and mouths etc... and over here it is legal until 23 weeks!! I have seen the 3d scans at 12-18weeks of a baby crying and yawning... how can they not be cla__sed as babies??? I do think that people should stop posting about this issue are u for or against, cos some girls out there, have no other choice, and mite not WANT to do it, but HAVE to cos of their circ_mstances, and pepople are making them feel like CRAP!!


oh please - November 18

they make it worse of coarse to make there point have one if needed there is nothing wrong with them they save lives also how many are more and beaten to death thats worse


to above - November 18

Could you rephrase that into comprehensible sentences?


Med Student - November 19

Must be hard to try and prove to the world that you are old enough and intellegent enough to make that kind of decision on your own. If you are a teen, and pregnant I think that proves that you aren't ready to run your own life. As to videos shown, there are worse ones out there. Try they have videos, photos, the whole nine yards. And just for your information, I have found proof of Planned Parenthood's lies on their website. I have seen their tax returns and their publicity packets. I know they are bad. Research before you make a choice that will ruin your life. Who is this Carol person and why is everyone slamming her? Details, people!!!


TC - November 20

To in a nutshell. What about the rape victims?? What should they do, since this is "in a nutshell"? What about the twelve yr olds who fathers raped them? Must they carry a baby in "their bodies" that they never asked for or even enjoyed making it? I personally don't think I could ever have one, but I have not been in those situations before either. This is why the gov. needs to make sure women will always have a choice. I did not look at the tape bc I know it is brutal. However, maybe we should look at a tape of someone getting raped and then show her face when she is told that she is pregnant. How 'bout that???


in a nutshell - November 20

there is still adoption. i know rape is horrible, i have been there. but in my defense, it is of no fault of the baby or mom. not to mention most girls just get abortions because they dont want a kid. period.


TC - November 20

Yes, there is adoption. However, bc it is no fault of the mom why should she have to carry this baby. It is her body and she should not be forced into it.



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