How Can I Get Pregnant

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julie - January 12

i have been with my bf for a while now and he is the sweetest most lovable guy. i am 17 and he will be 19 soon. i love him very much and am moving in with him shortly. we have decided together that we wanted a baby and thought everything out first of how we will do it and be able to give this child a good life but i am not pregnant yet. when is the easiest time to become pregnant or is there anything that will help me? please do not critisize. i am ready for this.


Hilary - January 12

UMM I hear abstinence, condoms, depo shots and etc get u pregnant... HONEST haha


Lori - January 12

You need to wait until you are older and married. A baby may sound good now but live and grow up. Finish getting your education and travel. Then have children.


tara - January 12

You have years, & years ahead of you to have children. Why not use this time to explore, go to school, and travel? You really don't know what you are missing unless you go travle a few countries and the knoledge that you gain will help you so much in will even help you raise your children! My advice eventhough you didn't ask for it, is wait until you are at least in your 20s.


Sarah - January 13

Wait..... TRUST me... you have not a clue what living expenses are like and yet you are already considering another mouth to feed?!?!?!?You are both still kids..... wait.... there is no rush...


julie - January 18

this isn't exactly what i meant can anyone else help me?


KELLEY - January 18

Look Julie u can have a baby if u want don't listen to them it is true that he will be another mouth to feed but hey if u and your guy think u are ready and i mean financially ready and want a baby go for it 2 weeks before your period is when u ovulate and when your discharge is clear and stretchy go for it girl if its going to make u and your man happy!!! : )


Kelley - January 18

If I'm Irregular or if I have a Hormonal Imbalance means that I'm not ovulating ,Right?


julie - January 27

never mind i realized how stupid this was and that i have my whole life ahead of me


h - February 2

take aovulating test and just keep trying good for your future



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