How Can I Keep The Father Away From My Baby But Not His Fam

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Ysabel - May 18

Hi, i'm 18, single, and my baby girl is due next month. I don't want to deprive my baby of grandparents and aunties and uncles who want to show the baby love, but i have issues with the father. He has been dealing and taking drugs all throughout my pregnancy. I haven't even heard from him all throughout my pregnancy. He left for another girl as soon as he found out, but i'm most definitely better off without him. My baby girl is coming in a couploe of weeks and i sure am not writing down his name on the birth certificate. I know she needs a father figure, but that doesn't necessarily mean it has to be her biological father. I will not have my baby under his influence. His family is flying to my place so they could be there when i give birth. His family has been supportive, but i feel hesitant to take their support. When i accept it, i feel like i'm accepting the biological father into my baby's life. I don't know how i should deal with my problem, and when i ask people on how i should deal with it, they say it's totally my decision. please help!!


Jessica - May 18

hey girl well i totally understand you and you are not in the wrong at all you have to think whats best for your baby and have you talked to the his family nd told you how they fell cuz you have to but your baby first and its great that his family is there for you and they should understand that you dont want him to be around becuase he uses drugs and left you


SM - May 18

I congratulate you on being so strong throughout your pregnancy, and for keeping a good head on your shoulders and focusing on the life that you are going to be providing for your daughter. I would have his family involved by sending pictures/emails of updates on how the baby is doing and such. I would certainly not talk about your feelings of dislike for their son and if they try to with you, discontinue the conversation. If the grandparents are wanting to be a part of your child's life, the your daughter should have that opportunity. (Unless they are bad people and you don't trust them) Good luck!


Ysabel - May 18

Honey, just wanted all ya'll to know that strength is only half of it. These are situations that force you to become nothing else but strong! Thanks for your words ladies! Now i feel safer for my decision. Now my question is, what happens when and if my baby wants to see him in the future? EEK! for me because i don't want to deal with the bio father ever. and i'm the one doing all the d__n work here. why does he get the pleasure of being with my baby! a little selfish huh?? Oh well, it's just an overload of mama lovin!!!



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