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NiZzy - October 28

Hey im 17 n i have a baby im pregnant again and i cant afford a 300$ abortion , im 9 weeks does ne one no nething that can make me have a misscarriage plzzzzzzzzz helppppppp


k - October 28

Abortion is NOT birth control.Not to preach, because i know that is not what you are posting for, but why are you not using some (or better) form of protection, if you already have a baby and know full well you cannot have another one in your life?? Maybe ask the father to help afford an abortion if that is your decision..If this is not an option..get a job..most abortion clinics have payment plans and well take so much every week off your paycheck till it is payed off. Oh, and to answer your question. You can't MAKE yourself misscarriage. Chances are you are just going to end up harming the baby rather than kill it, they are more resistant than you think.I can't really grasp the concept of how you yourself are a mother but can think of harming an unborn child like this.


Katie - October 29

If you don't want it have an abortion, borrow the money, you'll damage yourself by getting rid of it in that way


taray w - October 29

do not purposely miscarry have ur baby and put it up 4 adoption come on now think!


lori - October 29

that is really messed up why the hell would you put your body throught hat it not only kills the baby it will hurt you to! just have the baby and put it up for adoption to a lloving home.


k - October 29

hrmm another problem though could be that depending where she lives, without's pretty expensive to get prenatal care and what not..


Isabelle - October 31

Its really sad,how the world it is these days. Something so wonderfull as having another human growing inside you that you made,and you want to kill it yourself because its too much money.Please just be a mother to this baby.


Jennie.P - October 31

You seriously give teen moms a bad name. I'm sorry, I know that wasn't what you asked. So here's the answer to that, as said before you can't make yourself have a miscarriage, so by trying to do so, you will cause more harm then good.


Yella - November 1

Years ago my friend who was 15 tried to do this by hitting herself in the stomach. She ended up haemorraging, having an emergency hysterectomy and on life support for weeks. She is still not fully recovered, s depressed, has attempted suicide and can never have children of her own. Don't do it, there are so many risks and you already have a child to look after. Go to your doctor and discuss this. There may be a way to solve it, such as payment plans. And don't listen to all the people trying to guilt trip you, they aren't the ones in your situation.


victoria - November 2

I would just like to say that you will make a big mistake by trying to kill your own baby it will just cause more pain, i read these other letters below and i have to agree with them because your putting yourself in a bad position that you could risk your own life. if you need help and can't afford getting an abortion than i suggest you have the baby and put your child up for adoption. i wish you good luck.


To ??? - November 2

Are you going to bring your child up with that foul mouth?


no - November 3

no you cant just take drugs and punch yourself in the stomach. Not only is she going to hurt herself and it might even make her baby come out retarded or with something wrong. penelope 69 you aren't right in the head maybe your mom took drugs or punched herself in the stomach when she was pregnant with you


? - November 3

Nizzy, the post "To ???" wasn't to you, it was to a post that has been deleted because what it said was very disrespectful towards you. If you don't want to listen to the good advice, don't ask for help. But I would seriously reconsider what you are contemplating doing. You will only end up harming yourself and the child.


Jenny - November 3

An abortion is much cheaper than having a baby so it doesn't make sense to say you can't afford it. - November 4

'Penelope 69' and 'Kaylie' you have both been reported to the forum.


Shorty - November 4

There is no way you should be thinking about harming yourself to harm your baby. I can not beleive that you would ask people advice to do this. You should have thought things thru and been mature enough to live with the consequences of action.


Bob - November 9

You had s_x so deal with it. Abortion is murder and if you are that worried about it put it up for adoption DONT KILL IT



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